A fake horse dressed in PVC

Problem: the Cleveland Bay, the breed of horse used to pull the Queen's Royal carriage, was dying out. Solution: a fake horse dressed in PVC clothing which is being used to seduce the few stallions that remain. The fake horse is named "Doris."

"The scientists who designed and built Doris quickly discovered her partner - much like certain humans - performed better if she wore PVC." That's another factoid to add to my ever-growing fund of useless trivia.

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Posted on Wed Sep 17, 2008


Horses with a rubber kink....

Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Thu Sep 18, 2008  at  02:44 AM
*sitting here in absolute shock*
Posted by oppiejoe  on  Thu Sep 18, 2008  at  07:08 AM
I'd like to see pictures, please.

And how many zippers are on the costume?
Posted by KDP  on  Thu Sep 18, 2008  at  07:42 AM
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