666 on the Alamo

Is the number 666 slowly becoming visible on the front of the Alamo? And did it first appear there after Ozzy Osbourne urinated on the building while dressed as a woman back in 1982? And when the number becomes fully visible will "something terrible happen"? Yes on all counts if you believe the urban legend that's floating around. Brenda Layland gave me a skeptical heads-up about this one, and for the past fifteen minutes I've been staring at these pictures of the Alamo trying to figure out where the sixes are. I've located one of them, but the other two are still escaping me. No, wait a minute. I think I've found them all now.

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Posted on Thu Jul 24, 2003


Re Ozzie Osburne relieving himself at the Alamo dressed as a woman...thanks for boxing the "666" since I would never have noticed that. I wonder why Ozzie peeing (presumably) a few feet from the bottom of the wall would be thought to be responsible for numbers appearing near a second-story window? Ozzie-mosis at work I assume. Also not sure what wearing a dress would have to do with this.

Anyway I'm really enjoying your site 😊
Posted by Kathy Robinson  on  Thu Jul 24, 2003  at  01:00 PM
Just how high upon the wall is Osborn able to urinate? Hopefully the "bad thing" that is going to happen will be the end of Ozzie Osborn and anyone remotely associated with him!
He should not be allowed to come to Texas again either. Texas deserves better than such a 666 worshiper! Keep our state clean, keep Osborn OUT!
Posted by No Name  on  Sat Jul 26, 2003  at  01:00 PM
The third six is below the box, between the two lower windows
Posted by Anon.  on  Tue Jul 29, 2003  at  01:00 PM
Regarding the "666" on the Alomo.....couldn't see it myself, but if it IS there....and IS a result of Ozzy pissing on it.....then I take my hat off to him for getting such high aim....
Posted by Anon.  on  Fri Aug 01, 2003  at  01:00 PM
I don't know about the 666 on the Alamo building--
I can't seem to make it out, myself. But Ozzie didn't
actually urinate on the Alamo at all. There is a
monument called the Cenotaph in Alamo Plaza, across
the street from the Alamo proper, which was the true
target of Ozzie's anointing.
Posted by A skeptic in San Antonio, TX  on  Tue Aug 12, 2003  at  01:00 PM
Hmmm... looks like one of those psych teats to me; can you see the butterfly, the tree, or the psychopath murdering the 11 year old child? Take your time...
Actually I'm staring at my office notice board, and so far I've found a crucified mickey mouse and a guy with a beard who MUST be Jesus (although he looks like Arafat really). Is there some hotline I can call?
Posted by Paul  on  Sun Sep 07, 2003  at  01:00 PM
Excuse me, but the osbournes are actually a very religious family. I am interested as how, in a state of drunkeness ozzy managed to have such good, high aim on the alamo? Anyway, like the other person said, its probably just a matter of looking long enough. I noticed that the swirls on my wall look just like a poodle mounted on a leg. Weird huh? I guess when it becomes clear enough a poodle will die.
Posted by Ariel  on  Mon Sep 29, 2003  at  01:00 PM
what if the virgin mary appeared on the alamo, whould ozzy be blamed if that happend?

i like ozzy though, i dont like the rest of them, soon the tv cameras will not be able to contain there growing egos as they reherse kellys "suprise" pregnancy
Posted by dee  on  Fri Aug 13, 2004  at  05:16 AM

666 Calculation machine (http://huizen.dds.nl/~glage/666/666check.html)
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But you can found a nice 666 calculator on my website at this URL:


Have fun!

Merry Christmass

Posted by Titus  on  Sat Dec 25, 2004  at  11:15 AM
It is true,my sister and me went on a ghost tour when I was like 12(2 years ago),and yea it was there,the tour guide pointed it out with a laser pointer,i also have video of it..
Posted by RObert Garcia  on  Sat Oct 01, 2005  at  09:36 PM
You know what? It doesn't matter what that loon was wearing when he urinated? It doesn't matter that there appear to be sixes all over the Alamo. You just don't go to another country, and relieve yourself on a national shrine. I said NATIONAL shrine, not Texas state shrine. If you look at the list of men that faught and died in the Alamo, you will see that the majority of them were from outside of Texas. As Americans, we should ALL be offended by his actions. How would he like it if we went over there and urinated on the royal palace?
Posted by Mary Jo  on  Sun Aug 27, 2006  at  11:23 PM
How would he like it if we went over there and urinated on the royal palace?

Well, I can't speak for Ozzy, but I'd find it hilarious...
Posted by Boo  on  Mon Aug 28, 2006  at  06:29 AM
Hello, "Boo". First off, let me say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am an old dog, but still willing to learn new tricks. You sign as "Boo from the Land of Haggii". Please explain. I am just curious.
Posted by Mary Jo  on  Tue Aug 29, 2006  at  03:25 PM
It's a joke sig, Mary Jo.
The land of the haggii means Scotland, i.e., where the haggisses theoretically roam. 'Haggii' may not be technically correct, but I think it sounds better.
Posted by Boo  on  Tue Aug 29, 2006  at  03:36 PM
Well, I am relieved! I tried looking Haggii up on the Internet before responding earlier, and it something about a sheep's bladder, or something. 😊
Posted by Mary Jo  on  Tue Aug 29, 2006  at  04:14 PM
Well, I was using the mythical 'live' haggis that people talk about. An actual haggis recipe is at http://www.smart.net/~tak/haggis.html#twelve.
And yes, it used to involve a sheep's bladder, but now they use other things for it (sort of like sausage skin). Traditional Scottish recipes, eh?

Apologies to everyone for totally hijacking the thread...
Posted by Boo  on  Tue Aug 29, 2006  at  04:21 PM
If you have not seen the video below you need to

Posted by John  on  Thu Aug 27, 2009  at  07:15 AM
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