Girl cries crystal tears

Here's an oldie but a goodie (Thanks, Nettie!). This video from 1996 shows Hasnah Mohamed, a 12-year-old Lebanese girl who "baffled medical experts by producing crystals from her eyes."

Girl Has Crystals Coming Out Of Eyes

Fake? Of course. Hasnah's crystal tears were debunked by Joe Nickell in a 1997 Skeptical Inquirer article:

Hasnah, who claims to produce up to seven crystals a day, showed a collection of the allegedly apported rocks. From their rhomboidal shape and other properties, I recognized them as the natural quartz crystals generally known as "Herkimer diamonds." With the television crew being expected to arrive here the following day, I hastily made some phone calls and soon had acquired a handful of the gemstones.
Although such stones are indeed sharp - and I could see a dark red spot inside the girl's eyelid that probably represented a wound from one of them - I decided to duplicate the effect. All that was necessary was to pull out the lower eyelid to form a pouch and drop in a small crystal so that it rested, only a bit uncomfortably, out of sight. A tug on the lower lid causes the stone to come into view and then pop out of the eye. This I demonstrated at an appropriate time for the television camera, allowing their reporter to actually do the extraction himself. The effect was indistinguishable from the Lebanese "miracle."

Body Manipulation Paranormal

Posted on Tue Jul 22, 2008


No, it's true... most Lebanese children have diamonds for eye-crusties... it's God's way of making up for their really big noses... and war
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Jul 23, 2008  at  08:03 AM
Truly the Lord works in mysterious ways, eh, Hairy?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Wed Jul 23, 2008  at  06:46 PM
Just because a journalist can fake it doesn't mean it's not a real miracle.

A stage magicial like Randi can perform tricks that look like those performed by Gellar, after all, and everyone knows that Uri has true paranormal gifts.

Likewise, Penn and Teller have 'revealed' how many effects can be achied on stage, and that doesn't change the fact that David Copperfield is a true wizard.
Posted by outeast  on  Thu Jul 24, 2008  at  12:18 AM
You are SO right, outeast. Just this evening, I saw Criss Angel walk on Lake Mead. I mean, explain THAT, skeptics!
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Jul 24, 2008  at  01:44 AM
Stupid Shit...
Posted by blalala  on  Fri Jul 25, 2008  at  04:57 AM
uhh, I somehow thought it was fake too at first, but after reading the explanation as to HOW it was fake...i'm not so sure anymore.

The argument Joe Nickell made as to how he can duplicate the effect is not very convincing at all. and if THIS is the only source that proves that the crystal tears are fake...then I'm a believer.
Posted by G  on  Fri Jul 25, 2008  at  07:42 AM
outeast, either you're a lying troll or you're dumber than a sack of rocks. Well, I guess people that stupid have to exist somewhere for hacks like Uri to exist.
Posted by vann  on  Thu Aug 14, 2008  at  04:01 PM
You are SO right, outeast. Just this evening, I saw Criss Angel walk on Lake Mead. I mean, explain THAT, skeptics!
Posted by Cranky Media Guy on Wed Jul 23, 2008 at 11:44 PM

The same way the actors did in the movie "What dreams may come" A tight net placed about 1 inch under the surface of the water
Posted by John  on  Fri Aug 15, 2008  at  12:01 AM
its fake and outeast and cranky media guy are complete and total idiots
Believe me, I used to live in Lebanon and we found crystal in the ground just like that, they were common
Posted by Rashad Imajad  on  Sat Aug 16, 2008  at  06:33 AM
You are SO right, outeast. Just this evening, I saw Criss Angel walk on Lake Mead. I mean, explain THAT, skeptics!
Posted by Cranky Media Guy on Wed Jul 23, 2008 at 11:44 PM

The same way the actors did in the movie "What dreams may come" A tight net placed about 1 inch under the surface of the water
Posted by John in Kentucky on Thu Aug 14, 2008 at 10:01 PM


Posted by Someguy  on  Sat Aug 16, 2008  at  04:03 PM
Just because a journalist can fake it doesn't mean it's not a real miracle.

You must be retarded!
Posted by PukeDragon  on  Sun Aug 17, 2008  at  11:13 AM
everyone knows that Uri has true paranormal gifts.

Definetly retarded!
Posted by PukeDragon  on  Sun Aug 17, 2008  at  11:16 AM
Look! I'm totally idiot! I lack a sense of sarcasm! I think everybody posting on this thready is totally serious! I too am a believer!
Posted by Hihi  on  Sun Aug 24, 2008  at  04:11 AM
You know what I found interesting, that the person that was able to replicate this never actually showed any proof that he could do it. demonstrated at an appropriate time for a television camera. Well... where is that footage, I have never seen this done before. It's real, and you are fake.
Posted by Swatowsky  on  Mon Sep 08, 2008  at  11:14 AM
Just because a journalist can fake it doesn't mean it's not a real miracle.

You must be retarded!

That must be the worst logic - ever.
And quite offensive, to.
Posted by Chris  on  Fri Nov 28, 2008  at  06:28 AM
I think things like this,are reminders,from a higher Authority,that we are more than we think we are,Miricles are from beyond,our 3d dimemtive
view of life.and are at times shown too us,so we dont forget our inherent god like attributes,that reside deep within our higher selfs..
Posted by rodney  on  Fri Nov 28, 2008  at  11:48 AM
it makes me sad to see stuff like this in a way...the father blatanly just made her do stuff like this for the media hype and then hopefully some money...
Posted by will  on  Sun Nov 30, 2008  at  07:11 PM
Actually, the fact that someone can replicate this DOES mean it's not a miracle, by definition. A miracle is something that breaks natural laws, without explanation. And he explained it. GTFO, scrubs.
Learn to think.
Posted by Adam Roder  on  Fri Feb 20, 2009  at  09:21 PM
i agree with swatowsky, i find it funny how that post was completely ignored by chris in england and adam roder in texas, i wouldn't be surprised if they both thought the earth was flat, don't just learn to think adam roder, learn to free your mind and accept the limitless world in which we live
Posted by andrew  on  Fri Feb 27, 2009  at  02:28 PM
In response to Adam Roder from Texas...
Actually, he didn't debunk the miracle idea. He explained how he replicated it. That doesn't mean she's doing it like that, and if it's real then it is breaking natural laws without an explanation as of yet. There are leaps of assumptions that one would have to make to accept his explanation without question.
But I think your definition of miracle would not conform to the rest of of the miracle believing population who generally think a child being born into the world fits the category. That's a totally explainable and natural event. Even though I don't believe in miracles either way, you just set yourself up. You might want to take your own advice and learn to think.
Posted by Emily Vargo  on  Fri Mar 06, 2009  at  07:12 PM
Hahaha when someone said Uri Gellar was legit I lol'd. Chris Angel is ok, his pretty boy crap and some of his lame levitation illusions make him a bit of a hack, none of it is real obviously.

As for the girl I say Ockam's razor does justice here, it isn't science, but without taking the girl where she couldn't shove quartz into her eyelids for a few days to see if she stops, it is the next best thing. What is more likely, a supernatural or highly unlikely biological mutant oddity? Or they are faking it to get the envy of the world/internets, maybe get a touring gig, keep up with the Joneses and so on? Well considering the whacky crap people lap up and pay big money for (uri gellar), I think I'll go with the latter.
Posted by scienceminded of youtube  on  Fri Jun 12, 2009  at  01:01 AM
guys...thing is the girl produced three or four crystals right there on the cud hide a single crystal...hiding so many crystals in the so call pouch of the lower eyelid is not possible without considerable damage
Posted by Durinzbane  on  Sun Jun 21, 2009  at  09:25 AM
u do know that they solved this, there are heavy chemical levels in her tears and once her tears come in contact with air they crystalize. thats it 😊
Posted by lebanon monkey  on  Tue Jun 23, 2009  at  04:03 AM
Since the girl has since stopped
producing' crystals. it casts doubts about any miraculous phenomena, as well as the fact that it really isn't all that hard to put things in one's eye and get them out, all it takes is one in a million to try it successfully, and a father to exploit it. Rumors say he made quite a bit of money in hush money, but rumors are just that, rumors. In any case we can no longer test the scientific veracity of the claim twelve years after the fact.

I have seen a lot of people say, "well unless there is evidence to show it is natural or a hoax, I think it's a miracle from God."
I just can't believe it when I read this, what poor logical reasoning this is, we usually start off with a neutral or negative stance, we either don't know what it is, or we assume it is natural or a hoax until all evidence is exhausted, but to go straight for the supernatural, people just have undaunted faith sometimes...
Posted by scienceminded of youtube  on  Tue Jun 23, 2009  at  04:28 AM
Come on guys. I believe miracles can happen and there are some very bizarre things that have legitimately happened to people such as the warts that took over the "treeman" or those babys born with harlequin ichthyosis that look quite simply almost like reptile-like monsters (I don't mean that to be rude at all. This just isn't one of those things, the girl clearly has scar tissue in her eye from having done this. This was more than likely a ploy by her father to (and successfully did) raise media attention. I feel for the girl that is forced to take part in this, but it is definitely no miracle.
Posted by Kevin  on  Wed Jul 01, 2009  at  10:50 PM
:-/ i think thats NOT a fake its a miracle, how can a child put glass in her eye and pretend that she cries glasses,the eyes r very very sensetive if just an eyelash go into the eye it how can she put GLASSESn her eyes without blood coming out or pain and if sh does that deliberty that mean she is amazing and she is better than houdini the magition and her trick is on top of all houdinis tricks.BUT i dont think that its a trick i think its real and god CAN do anything
Posted by sara  on  Mon Jul 06, 2009  at  06:51 AM
I don't necessarily think that this is real, but the man's debunking it a little flawed. He showed a way to do it, but failed to reproduce the experience - he did not produce 4 stones in a single sitting. I'm not going to say that it's impossible, but the likelihood of that without some kind of irreparable eye damage is very slim. The girl obviously has scar tissue on her eye, which suggests that they indeed have cut her, but cramming four of those within a 'pocket' under her eye would more than likely not just be excruciating but extremely dangerous to the eye itself.

What Alex did is a possibility, but...well...keep an eye of skepticism on his debunking.
Posted by Anonymous  on  Thu Sep 03, 2009  at  08:19 AM
If the journalist claims to have reproduced the effects, then err....shouldn't there be at least a similar level of evidence i.e. video. It wouldn't be too difficult to upload this onto youtube etc. This has not been done and therefore, in the light of the evidence so far, the video from the Hasanah whether true or false, is stronger evidence than a third person narrative reported by a journalist, and can not be verified.

The above argument alone is suffcient to warrant removal of Hasanah's case as being fake! People of this site should take some responsibility for providing a platform for charlatants like this journalist or his/her proponents for submitting a claim of falsehood without actually any evidence.
Posted by Critic of the enemies of common sense  on  Sat Nov 28, 2009  at  03:36 PM adams crystal tears&f=false

Do a search for "crystal tears" and read on. For the anti-skeptical there are photos of the trick being reproduced.

To Critic of the enemies of common sense, you are simply too lazy to READ THE CITATION GIVEN BY THE POSTER. It was shown reproduced by JOE NICKELL in HIS BOOK and in THE SKEPTICAL INQUIRER which are cited by this very website. To call others enemies of common sense is ironic since looking for any citation except for pre-pasted pictures at your convenience is actually common sense when reading a cited article.
Posted by Scienceminded of youtube  on  Sun Dec 06, 2009  at  02:24 AM
I believe it....and like those people said up there "just because the reporter can fake it, doesnt'e mean that it isn't a miracle". So what if they are not crystals. What she can do is still amazing!!!
Posted by Emily molina  on  Sat Jan 23, 2010  at  05:05 PM
I'm having to respond to the ignoramus who calls him/herself 'scienceminded', as even in a rebuttal, he has been unable to put forward any form of convincing arguement. I simply draw his/her attention to my previous comment as he/she has failed to deal with the logical approach presented in the argumentation!

Furthermore, a citation in a book can not seriously be considered a similar-level of evidence! An experiment can not be reproduced in a book. At best, it is simply an interpretation of the observation. You call yourself science-minded. Do you even know what is required when putting forward a scientific hypothesis and how the significance level is calculated? You think simply a citation, or even reading a book constitutes science? Heck, a religious fundamentalist stands on firmer ground than you! At least he/she follows books that have some level of subtantiation, even if it is only historical, archaelogical and based on consensus. No wonder the world is in chaos. I suggest a name change for you from 'scienceminded' to 'closeminded'.
Posted by Critic of the enemies of common sense  on  Sat Jan 23, 2010  at  05:27 PM
To Critic of the enemies of common sense

The reason I cited the book wasn't because it parroted the claim that it was tested by Joe Nickell, i was that on page 238 of the book it has photographs of him doing it. I just think that you it would be incorrect in saying he was unsubstantiated in his claim of reproducing the effect, and that in his career he was a charlatan. You can find people putting various things in various places, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and do unusual tricks with them, I don't know if we can trust an impressionable young girl to be sincere about this, so that leaves the father's word in question.

I was given several explanations and citations for this case.

1. Miraculous ability bestowed by God.
2. Unknown biological production of mineral tears (we can't really substantiate the citation of the type of crystal it was by your standards).
3. A hoax in which the crystals are placed in the eye prior to the interview.

We have these pieces of evidence for an explanation.
-Video of the child producing crystals from her eyes from an unknown source.
-Photographs of Joe Nickell producing crystals from his eyes that were previously placed there.
-The child stops producing the crystals for an unknown reason.

The circumstances she was in aren't evidence but they are important, news died down, then she stopped making tears. Her father did have something to gain, so motive can be established, as well as explanation for the tears stopping. Which gives possibility 3 a perpetrator and explanatory power, viable grounds for a theory.

I did not agree with you that this was most likely real, or even inconclusive at best, I drew a conclusion and pointed out that the citation was at least adequate, and that the conclusion, like a theory, can be repeated, and has explanatory power over the events people witnessed about the girl.
Posted by Scienceminded of youtube  on  Sun Jan 24, 2010  at  12:05 AM
Posted by Critic of the enemies of common sense and sience  on  Sun Jan 24, 2010  at  07:43 AM
5) Wow what limited ways in which you have presented the limited explanations you were given. Can you not think of any alternative explanations? Why have you not taken account of the first and second explanation you give? (Oh and, there are means of substantiating the type of crystals but just not by a single citation that poses more questions than answers). Oh why do you state unverified knowledge as fact? What lead you to the conclusion that the girl has stopped producing the crystals?
6) Ok, so you now say that circumstances are not evidence but important. OK, well let
Posted by Critic of the enemies of common sense and sience  on  Sun Jan 24, 2010  at  07:44 AM
Dear All what is the situation of that girl now after 14 years passed.....??? if any one know then please let us know as well.
Posted by M A Tanoli  on  Fri Feb 26, 2010  at  11:20 AM
Just reading through these comments i have to say some things whether or not its read. First, people are stupid to think that magic is real and can even compare to this video. second, The guy did not have proof he did it anyone can say anything. he must think people are dumb for believing what we cant see if half the people who DID see a video of it still cant believe it. Third, whether he did it or not doesnt matter because yes people can put things in their eyes and take them out. but also i think thats amazing too what she did, fake or real because if its fake than good for her because i know myself and pretty much everyone i know would not even TRY to stick something sharp in their eyes, let alone MORE THAN ONE thing. and if it was real than i still think thats amazing to have to put up with that EVERYDAY of her life it must be rediculously annoying and inconvienent. Fourth, i believe that it is a science issue because people really do have weird shit happen when not everything in there body is balanced or in the right place or doing the right thing or whatever so some people have amazing abilities from just how there body is made. fith, she is how old? and people are really sitting here saying "oh shes fake her dad told her to do it whoop de woo" umm what kind of child sits there with her dad and says, hey if i stick a bunch of sharp crystals in my eyes and "cry" them out we could get famous! lets do it, it doesnt sound scary at all! ?????? are you guys stupid? wtf lol. and last but not least WHOEVER wrote that longgggggg retarded for even thinking that anyone reads it LOL. OH and BTW this video might be old, but for some people that NEVER heard of the story its brand new so yeah theyll probably have something to say about it, you cant act like you wouldnt. Im pretty sure i didnt research the damn thing to see what happend later in life lol
Posted by MV  on  Mon Jul 26, 2010  at  05:03 PM
and if you just really went through and read MY whole comment..

gettt a lifee.. lol

Posted by MV  on  Mon Jul 26, 2010  at  05:05 PM

1. Im not focused on being correct, I'm just focusing on giving this an explanation that fits the available evidence as you are. You say you never claimed it being as I said "most likely real". I assume that is what you mean when you say "the evidence presented thus far shows that Hasanah
Posted by scienceminded of youtube  on  Sat Aug 28, 2010  at  10:21 PM

this is a possible hoax. That covers means, at least in my view. The motive is the possibility of publicity, money, the usual motives for hoaxes, this is a religiously associated condition and taking advantage of the honest believers for large sums of money is not new. The opportunity is trickier, but previous to the incident there is nothing special about the girl, if it is possible to hold the crystals produced in the interview, 3 by my count, which seems odd, producing nearly half the daily account in a few minutes or even in a single hour which happens to be the time cameramen came to interview them. And soon the tears stopped flowing and the case is closed to further examination or discredit by removing the opportunity by say removing the father's chance or the girl's chance.
We have inconclusive evidence for divinity in that you do not ask faith to be more than it is, if the faithful believe it doesn't matter to them, you won't disprove even discredited things in the popular mind.

We have seemingly negative evidence for biology as there doesn't seem to be a way to crystallize quartz which is produced by current understanding from geological phenomena.The hoax idea is debatable, which is why we're...debating? But the parts seem there, possible to do, possible to gain from, possible to have been committed. Not proven, case is inconclusive.

If you do think it's prudent to make a judgment based on this information, what is the most likely explanation in your view? If not I understand your hesitation on making a conclusion with such sparse information.
Posted by scienceminded of youtube  on  Sat Aug 28, 2010  at  10:22 PM
I cannot beleive the west. If the girl had said she saw Jesus or some Jewish or Christian holy figure. It wpould have been a 100% miracle and used in churches, synagog, Fox news ,NBC...but seeing it is a Muslim girl, an UNEXPLANABLE Hoax has to be the answer. Scientist just do not want to be proven otherwise. I am Baffeled, as to how she does not suffer severe eye bleeding, never mind the scraches....give a logic PROOF and i will beleive. She apparently said the white knight told her he has no idea when it will stop, so meaning it is not a forever thing.
Posted by Vixi  on  Wed Dec 29, 2010  at  07:53 AM
I don't think it's a hoax at all, and I would argue points but almost everything that can be said has already been said except for the argument that she produced too many crystals for the cameramen. It seems more than likely that the cameramen were at her place of residence for a long period of time talking to the family, filming and whatever else. I was however wondering, even if she hid the quartz under her eyelids wouldn't you at least see a bump? especially with that many hidden in your eyes? It seems like it would be something so easily detectable. Oh i was offended by the plausible choices offered as an explanation, it can't only be those three and to forcefully categorize all possible outcomes as one of those three is a little unfair.
Posted by AM  on  Sat Jan 08, 2011  at  10:31 PM
Oh and to add on to my previous comment, even if there was no bump they would have to somehow hinder her blinking or make it awkward when she tries, or at least i would imagine. The debunker himself said it was rather uncomfortable to keep them in his eyes as well.
Posted by AM  on  Sat Jan 08, 2011  at  10:34 PM
i believe in miracles!!! yea and i also believe every time i ring a bell an angel gets wings.......retarts
Posted by tone  on  Sun Feb 20, 2011  at  03:29 AM
What moronic god -- because that's who they're implying granted this "miracle"! -- would conjure a miracle in this ridiculous fashion and for what purpose? Mass convertion? The only miracle would be something that is so miraculous, every single person on Earth will notice it no matter where they are or what they're doing.. and will be so unbelievable that science wouldn't even try to explain it because the scientists themselves are convinced it's miraculous.

If there's a god who knows what the hell he's doing... that's the only kinda miracle.
Posted by Maphesta  on  Tue Jul 10, 2012  at  02:08 AM
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