HRM Caesar St. Augustine de Buonaparte

image On September 17, 1859 Joshua Norton delivered a proclamation to the San Francisco Bulletin declaring himself Emperor of the United States. From that point on, Joshua Norton was forever known as Emperor Norton I, a role which he dutifully performed for the rest of his life, proudly walking around the streets of San Francisco dressed in his emperor's uniform, complete with plumed hat, gold epaulets, and a sword at his side. When he died in 1880, 10,000 people showed up at his funeral.

It now looks like America has a new Emperor. Or rather, has had one for about eight years, ever since HRM Caesar St. Augustine de Buonaparte, a resident of Los Angeles, sent a letter to President Clinton declaring war on the United States. Buonaparte claims that Clinton's failure to respond to his letter means that the United States implicitly conceded defeat. Therefore, Buonaparte is now our Emperor.

Although HRM Buonaparte is Emperor of the U.S., oddly enough he appears to have filed paperwork to run in the 2004 Presidential election. He's running as a member of the Good Party. For his campaign photo he appears to have submitted a photo of himself posing in a face cutout from the Renaissance Faire.


Posted on Thu Aug 05, 2004


Posted by john  on  Sun Aug 08, 2004  at  10:40 PM
your missing a hell of a lot of information about
me first of all this is not a hoax, and the u.s.
is in fact headed for a terrible event and only I
can stop it. I also did many other things which
could have averted many disasters but no one took
me seriously oneof them could have stopped the 911
event from happening it is a shame that before I
enacted the events of my symbolic coup d'etat in
protest to the multitude of civil rights violations the United States has committed and
continues to do so each passing day. I possess the
proof and can prove my claim if I ever get into
the networks so I may reveal the truth in a court
room fashion to all the truely good people that
care enough to want to do something about it but
I also have proof that all taxpayers are murders
of children around the world with the stupid bombing this country does. Are you a taxpayer? if
you are you are guilty of killing innocent children there is a way out of this insanity which
thank god I am not a part of and have never been a
part of and now I find myself being linked to a
web site that seeks to make fun of my cause well
I don't have to say much because all of you the
guilty parties have said it for me & you will
have to take this up with the creator and me when
your time comes to die when I am asked by god what
is to be done with hypocrite souls like you.I will
say "do with them as they treated me when I had
the painful misfortune of being alive with them all and they did not do enough to stop the hate
and killing they are all guilty of my lord You
know me well & I did the right thing by removeing
myself from them even though I could only do it by
a symbolic protest" It is a horror that the networks are controlled by rich money interest
but you all will pay for everone dies & the popu-
lation of the whole world gambles everyday with
their own soul and the fear of the unknown when
each one of you will find out one by one and group
by group and country by country. so speaks the
true angel of god and Emperor of the United States
of Turtle Island of the continent of North Pangaea
( formerly known as the USA-NORTH AMERICA ) SIGNED
His Royal Majesty Caesar Saint Augustine de Buona
parte Emperor of the United States.
Posted by HRM Caesar Saint Augstine de Buonaparte Emperor  on  Tue Aug 17, 2004  at  03:27 PM
i'm sorry
Posted by john  on  Tue Aug 17, 2004  at  09:01 PM
This is the most important election of our lives. My husbands protests are well founded.We the people of this nation should be out in the streets protesting all of the atrocities our "so called government" has bestowed upon us for years. Do you love your cellphones? Your MTV? your microwave ovens....your credit cards...all of 'the 'distractions..( Like J. Lennon said" ..get us hooked on religion, sex and tv...)does it not bother you that we have ALL been used as quinea pigs (medically and other wise) at the hands of our government.??? It is very easy to sit back and make fun of anyone who attempts to uncover the truth. It is obviously easier to sit back munching on our msg, prion infested food and water while talking on our cancer causing cellphones on our way to work in our tax deductible suv's...greeting our flouride infested children at the door at night, after we've finally made it home, after maneuvering for hours , over crowded highways..chainsmoking stress filled roads to no where, just to make it home in time to a stressed out wife or father and kids trying to figure out why we're doing this day after day.Living month to month, rotten or worse medical care....etc.. If you care at all about your childrens future and your own ,you need to protest. Take back your country.Look a see and feel for yourselves. Do something before it's too late. Do not vote for either one of these @#$%. If not for Cesar, then someone else...whoever you can find that is on our, your side. It is now or never. Take back your country..
Posted by The Empress  on  Thu Aug 19, 2004  at  02:25 AM
this message is for alex and your website hoax
the Emperor in not in a renassance outfit and
if you were truly educated about world history
you would know where that cut out picture came
from , you know a secret srvice agent made a comment last year in 2003 about the Emperors picture looking like a dress, well he gets an F
in world history as well, knowing little details
in many cases shows that a person possesses
the intelligent habit of reading and having a
good menory helps as well this is not a put down
it is simply a reminder that who ever wrote the
article should know their history for even in a
hoax website it does matter to know what your
writing about.
Posted by The Empress  on  Thu Aug 19, 2004  at  08:33 PM
Someone teach the Emperor where to find the punctuation keys on the keyboard, for heaven's sake.
Posted by Paul in Prague  on  Thu Oct 07, 2004  at  05:39 AM
I am looking into voting for a different candidate altogether. I don't believe in throwing my vote away into a lost cause of a near sighted political party. Elections were never meant to bring only two candidates to the table, as George Washington once said so himself, "A two party system will be your downfall."

I Want to know some more information about the real "His Royal Majesty Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor," because no candidate for presidency is out of my mind in comparison to the blunderous choices between Republican or Democrat.

To earn my vote I must be informed about who you are and I can't very well do that when you live in California and I in Ohio.
Posted by Chris Lago  on  Tue Oct 19, 2004  at  01:23 AM
this message is for Chris Lago left at this site
it would help Chris if you left a way for me to
contact you. I can answer all or most of your
questions so call this number (818) 377-5237 and
leave your number I will call you back on my
penny (not dime) I prefer to talk to people not
email, email is cold,detached & takes too long so
call? sincerely his Majesty.
Posted by The Emperor  on  Tue Oct 19, 2004  at  09:05 AM

This message is for HRM. I am from Ms. Lambert's government class in Terre Haute, Indiana -- the one you spoke to recently.

I would to say thank you for taking time to answer our questions. It is very much appreciated and your grace and expertise will be remembered.
Posted by Kelly Bird  on  Tue Oct 19, 2004  at  05:34 PM
i am darth vador. your counrties politics are coming to an end. The imperial forces will be invading your planet in a few days and i will be your so called president. Mr. Bouneparte will be my right hand man. BEWARE
Posted by darth vador  on  Fri Oct 22, 2004  at  09:29 AM
to paul in prauge, I have to say I'm sorry but
my significant other the Empress passed away last month and this is her webtv keyboard. That should
explain most of the errors in my messages to the
people everywhere on the internet. when the time
of grieving is over I'll go out and get a new one,
but thank you anyway paul for pointing it out. It
shows that there are prople out there that care
and pay attention, but I've noticed that in the
past when I intentionally placed errors or left
them that way, I make people take notice and it's
one of my ployes to get reactions. sincerely
his majesty the Emperor.
Posted by The Emperor  on  Fri Nov 05, 2004  at  01:51 PM
Mr. Buonaparte,

On behalf of the government of Canada, I offer you full access to anything you need to take your rightful place on the throne of the United States. Be it money, men, or access codes to the "Canadarm" on the space shuttles. Please don't hesitate to ask.
Posted by 5318008  on  Thu Jan 20, 2005  at  03:02 PM
The funny thing is... you have got to be kidding me. Right? This is some kind of joke, eh? Well, even if it is not, then what kind of powers does the "emperor" have? I'm curious. Can you organize a full "war" against the U.S.? I doubt that. Although, I'd gladly give you a ball point pen to use as your primary weapon of choice.

Besides, I'm the next generation of leadership in this country and being a decendent of two signers of the Declaration of Independence, I take pride in my country.

If you want to rage a war against my country, you're gonna have to go through me first. Just thought I'd let you know. Peace.
Posted by Ryan Gene  on  Wed Mar 23, 2005  at  11:25 AM
hi everybody sorry I haven't written in but I'm
running as a write in candidate for Mayor of Los
Angeles, california so start contacting me for
the steps to the White house are getting closer.

signed His Royal Majesty Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor of the United States of
Turtle Island and True president of the United States of the Continent of North Pangaea.05-05-05
Posted by HRM Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte  on  Thu May 05, 2005  at  03:42 PM
this guy's a total joker.
Posted by joe  on  Mon Sep 26, 2005  at  09:53 AM
no joe I am not a joker. you just have not
read the 15 comments for the truth is there in
code I am being attacked by the force of the evil
country I am forced to live in the story is too
long to tell here but again I am no more a joke
than God is to people that believe in finding
the truth, who is willing to help the Emperor?
Posted by HRM Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor o  on  Sat Oct 29, 2005  at  11:27 AM
well I guess no one cares, it's awful lonely being
an Emperor or claimed President of the U.S. but
at least I'm trying to stay alive for what reason I don't know L.A. is destroying me and circumstances are taking every valued thing I Own.

I will never for give this country for doing so much damage to me. Americans one day will pay for
the thousands of children their TAX DOLLARS HAVE
guilty of doing those things the shooting at
blacksburg has meanings that go far beyond what
the average mind can interpret, this much I have
theorized. the gunman like so many others are
people who reached their breaking point, as a
matter of fact, most of all of our troubles stem
from our sub-conscious minds knowing exactly when
we have done wrong or when we have collectively
contributed to a wrong cause especially when the
repeat events are killing children over and over
again without ever looking inside of ourselves
and not having the courage to do something about
it in a permanent way. remember you kill their
children they will come here and figure out a way
to kill yours the proof will be in the 33 people
that will be eulogized call me if you really want the correct kind of trauma
counseling good luck everyone, I just wish my ongoing damages would
stop mine haven
Posted by HRM Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor o  on  Wed Apr 18, 2007  at  03:35 AM
Dearest Emperor,

Your most recent message has caused me heavy heart. I am very sad that L.A. is destroying the rightful heir of the United States of Turtle Island before he is able to effect his accession. Maybe I can be of assistance?

If you are going to successfully and actually overthrow the US government you are going to have a few obstacles to overcome. First up you are going to need a military force, the like of which the world has never seen before, however, we can worry about that later. In the meantime, you need a campaign manager.

Now, I can
Posted by Hilary Fortnum  on  Tue Oct 09, 2007  at  02:55 PM
today is 12-18-07 his highness leaves a question
for so much time to have pasted with such low
responce, WHY do you people continue to ignore me?
You know it is just a matter of short time before
you will be held absolutly responsible for all the
federal tax dollars you have paid the illegal U.S.
Govt. that the military has used to murder so many
MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN when I am in control there
will be HELL TO PAY for not doing something about
it so come on hurry up the election is coming in
Posted by HRM Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Soul Empe  on  Tue Dec 18, 2007  at  02:59 PM
Posted by Overthrow the Emperor  on  Sat Jul 12, 2008  at  09:11 AM
loyal silent majority subjects:

it truly is such a sad, sad, sad, depressing shame
that people let unacceptable events happen on a daily basis,it seems interwoven into the nature of
humans conviently creating excuses for themselves.
You know one true fact!that everyone does die and the lifeless body is changed in the form in which you were using it,those of us who see the process we become the stuff of stars again in this what seems like a endless universe,& yet so small in comparason we should be so thankful everyday that we ever had the chance to exist at all, & yet to go on contributing in the collective manner to killing & maming in other parts of the world is WRONG! all you have to do is look on the surface of all proven good and working philosophies & you will see the truth, with all of the advances the human endeavor creates it leaves strong evidence that someone or ones are actively lieing to the masses just to circulate money through their pockets,if great collective endeavors like going to the moon & probes now outside our solor system, transplanting organs, ect,should be leaving us with better non-contradictory forms of governments & still DEATH BY TAX DOLLARS! THE REAL PLAIN TRUTH IS YOU TRUELY DO HAVE THE WRONG COLLECTIVE AS YOUR LEADERSHIPS,THE PROOF IS THERE EVERY DAY, SO LONG AS YOUR NOT THE ONE ON THE BATTLEFEILD! YES IT HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES TO BE EXTREMELY LONELY TO KNOW THAT IF I WAS GIVEN THE AUTHORITY by the people, the world would have their POLITICAL EINSTEIN AT LAST. BUT NO THEY KEEP ON ATTACKING ME IN EVERY WAY THEY CAN this includes neglect but the most severe damages have been on the people of not only this nation but the world as well.This is the greatest of crimes, like in the old movie "if I were king" with Ronanld Coleman it was great because it shows where a persons compassion is suppose to be in the rights of the many, in the rights of the few,except when the few get greey,so laugh all you want you will die one day & you had better hope some supreme being doesn't greet you the way I predict it will greet you, for then you will see, remember, & feel the wrath of the wrongs you all contributed to. YOU CAN NEVER OVERTHROW ME FOR
IN THE WAY IT SHOULD.HRM Caesar St. Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor of TI. North Pangaea & True
President of the USA.
Posted by hrm caesar st. augustine de buonaparte emperor of  on  Sat Aug 23, 2008  at  06:09 PM
Well censorship of the mass media is going to be totally responsible for the coming catastrophes.
why? because the emperor & true president is still being ignored by the 5th. grade mentality of the public at large as well as Project Vote Smart who removed all of the other candidates on their web site effectively joining the media in keeping the public in the dark about a new method of being able to teach & reach enlightenment possibilities for the people. THIS INTENTIONAL SURPRESSION of his majesties speech's will cost the whole world their DEMISE. Turning back the clock of time or it's end results no one will be
able to save themselves much less anyone they care
about, those 5 speech's are more important than
anything you can do & that's besides the fact that I'm being repeatedly attacked by huge color of law uses against me creating for me deeper situational depressions as I & what's left of my possessions is continuing to be attacked by cold calculating people who's numbers are so overwhelming that it will eventually kill me so if
the world really wants me dead I will gladly
accommodate them on CHRISTMAS DAY this year 2008
you are all evil remember the movie "MEET JOHN DOE" to bad that in real life the same thing can't happen for me I have no lawyer in civil
rights to defend me, your systems of censoring
people with more than good intentions is contact
contagious, not one person has added any comment
to this hoax site for quite a while because none of you can face the truth of what you do every day I could go on but that would be just another waste of time maybe if I can find some help I could start a web site but I already know that won't achieve the results that would do what I expect much less change things for the better. I'm still the true president of the united states (despite the fixed elections)& the Emperor of this nation & the world as well as the whole universe. on one hand your all tiny little creatures on a watery rock which could be snuffed out at any time by the events that take place in the universe all the time it just hasn't happened yet to all of you,remember the odds of gambling there are 8 planets & many moons none of them can sustain any kind of life like ours it's just a question of time before something happens that none of us are prepared for Don't come to this site & make fun of things you will NEVER understand much less comprehend sincerely yours
HRMS Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor & True president of the USA.
Posted by hrms Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte  on  Wed Nov 05, 2008  at  08:32 PM
Well since 11-2008 no one has added comments, so
I'm adding one today the forces of Los Angeles
city exceded their authority on monday 03-2-09
by coming to my house and removing everything off
my property at 20905 Hart st. in canoga park, they
took my signs down destroyed all of my building materials, took personal possessions off and out of my trailers,7 one of my trucks, the excessive force destroyed more of my life, instead of living in a country of true freedom I'm being
rubbbed out of existence,If only I had the right kind of ARMY I could have taken better action.
more will follow I'm on the library computer
Posted by HRMS Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor  on  Wed Mar 04, 2009  at  11:16 AM
I ha to start again because this computer has a
15 min. limit, People of Earth you have people in powerful positions that abuse people every day I
really wish I could do what is nessary to get rid of the abusive elements but there are just to many
in short it doesn't matter who a person is or claims to be our lives are shortened both intentionally & unintentionally by these type of
creatures they arn't real humans, instead you people already know some of my stories one thing
that isn't a hoax is the FACT just yesterday we all had a close call by an astroid in between our
moon & made the pass over tahiti, that's only the
small piece of a bigger one on it's way, & it's
not a movie, we all sit on the edge of eternity
but there is a solution but since I was attacked
on one will get my help unless all my young years
that were stolen from me are returned now & we all
know that is most likely impossible.
Posted by HRMS the Emperor of the Universe Buonaparte  on  Wed Mar 04, 2009  at  11:33 AM
Sunday March 15,2009 Well there isn't much more to say. There is way 2 much EVIL Action on this planet. An abused person grows into infinte HATE
when they are repeatly exposed to the unending
attacks of the EVIL Authorities in place in this country & the world as well, there are no words
left to decribe the systematic murder of me & all
DNA GENETIC LEAPS TO FIX the evil problems of so
many unequally emotionally educated peoples, therefore I bring you the planet earth very sad
news,you all will be visited by an unbelieveable
catastrophy within your life times you might have
been better prepared had your EVIL SYSTEMS not destroyed my life so many times. if any groups
out there truly wish to contribute to extending your lives as survivors to the coming total genoside,just call me remember the Universe has
NO FEELING it just does what it does there is no
proof that any supreme being is involved so let's see how many of you care to believe me this is your last chance.(818)912-3888
Posted by HRMS Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor  on  Sun Mar 15, 2009  at  07:08 PM
well guess what now someone set fire to my house on 03-27-09 what does it take for people everywhere to get the true message about nonviolence! signed the emperor.
Posted by hrms Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte  on  Fri May 22, 2009  at  10:59 PM
well it's oct.10,2009 & I'm still being attacked by this crazy bipolor world, living in the fear
of the evil authories still taking more of my possessions because they are on the street & no
one cares that will help do anything about it! so
I will now tell the world how you are all going to die, sometime between now this date & 20012
a great many people will die of RADIATION EXPOSURE
this death will not be by any nuclear weapons but
it will happen because of what was done to me &
to many innocent people who represent the same value system that I support, one of the many reasons this terrible event will include everyone is because we were blocked by the same elected officals & the rich jerks that only pretend to
offer false help to the world through their BLOOD STAINED Money, with the name of GOD printed and
engraved on every coin & paper bills. no one will
be able to escape the death no matter how deep underground they hide, if you wish to live longer you must all revolt immediatly ASAP by Contacting me to see if there is any possible alternative to
this destruction, the EARTH will survive but the
mass populations will not for ovious reasons to any persons who have attained the same high levels of intelligence I possess, & so it goes
your time is running out! (818) 912-3888 don't
let this end for all of us like the dinosours were
extereminated by something none of you would believe even if I revealed why that event happened
& what was behind it.
Posted by HRM Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte  on  Sat Oct 10, 2009  at  06:49 PM
Well here it is almost 2010 & not one person in
real liberty, truth, or authority of protection
came to help your world is so full of so many
inconsistencies about everything you could possibly think of that people like me with pure
intentions of REAL PEACE, & arriving at such ends
with the presisions of PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS WITHOUT
blood shed as my life is still being attacked with
much of my possessions being held by HOWARD SOMERS
Towing & othewrs like the evil LAPD. & others.
Posted by HRMS Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte  on  Tue Dec 29, 2009  at  06:17 PM
That last comment yesterday had to be cut short because I ran out of time on the computer,so I'll finish it today there's not much left to say,I've just about said it all,EXCEPT THAT THE CITY & EVIL
trucks, motorhomes, just about everything that it would take to make anyone want to TAKE THEIR
action to keep the person here alive,when the very
same jerkholes caused the trouble in the first place. I don't suppose anyone really cares to give
the special kind of coustomized help that one would need to ward off the perminent damages these
evil people all around us do in their everyday actions in the operations of their offical capacities, BUT that should in no way allow them to abuse their office either through neglect or in
intentional acts to DESTROY ANYONE'S LIFE OVER &
OVER AGAIN FOR years & decades, I WILL ALWAYS HATE ANYONE WHO Collectively contributs to death
& destruction through their TAX dollars & through
other means. As to the continuing wars I wouldn't be surprized at all if someday some one finds out
one of the real reasons for the suicide bombers
taken place is for certain people dealing in
transplants are getting it done to make money at
the expence of truely innocent lives. What do you think? it even makes for a good plot for a movie,
SO lets move on to more destruction in peoples
lives just to get money! my life has been stolen from me on & off for more then 3 decades, that's way to much time invested to stop doing what I've been doing for my orginal goals, & still no one
with any kind of real rescue money wants to help
my abused causes. so I'll sign off for now to
go check on my things in the streets where I was put again against my will. being a symbolic Emperor representing true peace is & never will be
easy in a world full of hypocrites!.I wish I could
banish them all to island with others of their kind can't hurt anyone else ever again.
Posted by HRMS Caesar St. Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor of  on  Wed Dec 30, 2009  at  06:05 PM
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