104-year-old woman forced to lie about age on Facebook

On the internet nobody knows if you're a dog. And on Facebook, nobody knows if you're really a 104-year-old woman... because Facebook won't accept 104 as a valid age!

Woman, 104, forced to lie about age on Facebook

Marguerite Joseph can be forgiven for lying about her age on Facebook. The 104-year-old Michigan woman's granddaughter says Joseph is unable to list her real age on the social media site. Gail Marlow says when she tries inputting her grandmother's birth year as 1908, Facebook changes it to 1928. So for the past two years, the Grosse Pointe Shores centenarian has remained 99 — online, anyway.

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Posted on Mon Feb 25, 2013


FaceBook does have borders or limits that I also just gave up on. Not just age but also schools. The first being 'what high school did you go to?' assumes just ONE and second just a school here in the United States (or the country I guess where your FaceBook presence resides). The algorithm wants to 'recognize' specific schools presently in existence and none of mine (since I went to multiple high schools and most were in other countries) are in their list. It also won't allow you to write out a list, or explanation either so it looks like I never went to high school but DID go to college.

FaceBook also assumes only a small number of employments and mine far exceeded their little limits as well so I just put in what I've done basically as a hobby since I was 8 years old, art.

Some algorithms here on the internet sit in the sandboxes of kindergardens.
Posted by hulitoons  on  Tue Feb 26, 2013  at  03:44 AM
Well, at least they recognized the need for an 'its complicated' setting for relationships...
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Tue Feb 26, 2013  at  11:49 AM
Robin, that's just lame!
Posted by hulitoons  on  Tue Feb 26, 2013  at  04:52 PM
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