Uncle Url Replies:

Alex -- You spilled my beans!

Well, all I've got to say is that I'm glad you concluded the story by allowing that our MagicShelf is, in fact, a "real" product and that it does exactly what it says it does.

However... don't think so fast that the parts can be had at any local hardware store for 3 or 4 dollars. The steel is a special steel we buy in bulk from a local metalworks. It's strength and shape is not available at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace or any of the others. Go ahead -- try to find it.

AND no, the bottom book isn't damaged in any way. Any book'll do.

What is MagicShelf worth? Well... is the price of an item worth only it's accumulated parts? Magic Shelf is a work of art, to be appreciated for it's beauty and cleverness. Is a can of Pepsi Cola worth only it's constituent water, fizz and syrup? If so, why isn't there a page at Museum of Hoaxes complaining that Pepsi should cost only 1 cent?

In any event, if I ran your site I'd be happy to expose MagicShelf, too. We've only been selling it for 7 days, the speed at which you investigated it is phenomenal!

But here's what I got back from Greg Cason who bought one and slipped you the instructions...

"The product is indeed clever and I am glad I purchased one. It's a great conversation piece. Also, it seems a very appropriate way to shelve part of my considerable collection of Science Fiction books. :-)

As a decided non-expert on all things engineering and metalurgy, I was merely expressing my opinion in a public forum. What you say about the materials in your product may no doubt be true. You should feel free to respond directly in the forum. All are welcome.

For getting your side of the story directly to the source, I would write directly to Alex at The Museum of Hoaxes.

You should be pleased that your product captured the imagination and interest of so many people."

"Uncle Url"