Yeah Eckerd

This photo of fans at a college baseball tournament was published in the St. Petersburg Evening Independent. What was not revealed to readers was that the photographer, Norman Zeisloft, had staged the scene by asking the fan to write the phrase "Yeah Eckerd" on the soles of his feet.

With the fan's assent, Zeisloft had first tried to write the phrase himself, but his pen wouldn't write on the man's dirty soles. The fan subsequently washed his feet, wrote the words, and posed for the picture. But unbeknownst to Zeisloft, a rival photographer had taken a photo of him initially trying to write the phrase. This photo is what later implicated Zeisloft in staging the scene.

Zeisloft explained that he had simply not thought it was a big deal since it wasn't a hard-news story. He said, "We set up pictures for society and club news, recipe contest winners, ribbon-cutting and ground-breaking ceremonies, award shots and enterprise features." Nevertheless, the Evening Independent fired him.
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Photo Categories: Staged Scene, Photojournalism, Sports, 1980-1999

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