Hoax of the Day

The Orgueil Meteorite Added May 14. On May 14, 1864 a meteor shower fell in France. It resulted in a bizarre hoax that went undiscovered for almost 100 years.
The Death of Lou Reed Added May 9. This hoax occurred just a few days ago.
Baby Adolf Added May 3. A fake picture of Adolf Hitler as a baby. This was quite famous back in the 1930s.
The Fur-bearing Trout Added May 2. I've had a number of people e-mail me to ask whether this is a real creature. What can I say? Of course it's real.
The Kesslerloch Bones Added May 1. A fairly obscure hoax, involving stone-age bones and a children's book.
The Madonna With the Cat Added April 30. A fake Leonardo da Vinci.
Linnaeus's Butterflies Added April 27. An example of a hoax species.
William Mumler's Spirit Photography Added April 26. A hoax image to catch a hoaxer.
The Hitler Diaries Added April 25. Der Stern announced the discovery of these diaries back in April 1983.
The Catch of the Zuiyo Maru Added April 24. Found back in April 1977. Many thought it was a sea serpent.
First to the North Pole Added April 23. It seems unlikely that the debate over who first reached the north pole will ever be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
Rosie Ruiz and the Boston Marathon Added April 20. Her notorious sprint to the finish line occurred on April 21, 1980.
Princess Caraboo Added April 19. She made her first appearance back in April 1817.
The Lying Stones of Dr. Beringer Added April 18. These stones resulted in a lawsuit back in April 1726.
Janet Cooke and Jimmy's World Added April 17. Janet Cooke won the Pulitzer prize in April 1981 for this story.
The Jackalope Added April 16. A distant relative of the Easter Bunny.
The Balloon Hoax Added April 13. Edgar Allan Poe's hoax from April 13, 1844.
Symmes's Hole Added April 12. 'The earth is hollow and habitable within.' From April 1818.

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