Yetta Bronstein for President

Yetta Bronstein, a 48-year-old Bronx housewife, ran for President in 1964 and again in 1968 as the candidate for the Best Party. Her slogans were "Vote for Yetta and watch things get better" and "Put a mother in the White House."

Her proposals included national bingo, self-fluoridation, placing a suggestion box on the White House fence, and printing a nude picture of Jane Fonda on postage stamps "to ease the post office deficit and also give a little pleasure for six cents to those who can't afford Playboy magazine."

She promised she would staff her cabinet with "people who have failed in life and learned to live with it."

"Why should you vote for me?" her campaign literature asked. "Think of all the things your mother did for you -- the feeding, changing, washing, ironing, lying for you, crying for you. Now you can pay her back by putting me in office. I will represent all your mothers and act in their behalf for you."

Yetta never made a campaign appearance, conducting the campaign entirely by mail and phone. Nevertheless, the Bronstein for President campaign was widely covered by the media.

The reason for Yetta's lack of personal appearances was that she didn't exist. She was the fictional creation of hoaxer Alan Abel. His wife Jeanne pretended to be Yetta on the phone. Abel used a picture of his own mother as a front for the hoax.
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1964: Saw the Yetta Bronstein for President ad, sent for campaign literature -- which they sent! When it arrived, though, it came sealed with official post office tape, serial numbers, etc. -- it had been opened by a mail censor! Ah the good old days!
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