The Little Blue Man Hoax

In early 1958 Michigan motorists began to report sightings of a "little blue man". The glowing figure, who looked like a spaceman from a science-fiction movie, would appear out of nowhere on rural roads, and then just as suddenly disappear. When startled motorists stopped to investigate, they could find no trace of him.

As time progressed, the sightings grew more fantastic. Some said the man appeared to be ten-feet high. Others thought he was only two-feet high. One motorist claimed he "ran faster than any human."

The police began to search for what, or who, was causing these sightings. Their search ended when three young men — Jerry Sprague, Don Weiss, and LeRoy Schultz — came forward and confessed. The young men explained how all the reports of flying saucers in the news had given them an idea for a prank. They created a costume consisting of long underwear, gloves, combat boots, a sheet with holes cut out for the eyes, and a football helmet to which they attached blinking lights. They then spray-painted the costume glow-in-the-dark blue (inspired by a song popular on the radio at the time, "Little Blue Man" by Betty Johnson). Sprague wore the costume, noting that "it was my underwear and I was the only one it would fit."

Sprague in costume

The trio staked out rural roads at night. Sprague would hide in a ditch, and when a motorist approached, he would leap out and run along the road to attract their attention before making a quick getaway by jumping into the trunk of the car driven by Weiss and Schultz. They did this on at least eight or ten nights, over a period of weeks.

The police let the pranksters off with a warning not to do it again.
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Apart from the hoax they pulled the "blue people" are real the blue people are real i don't freaking know how it came down as a hoax well th way for the blue people to be recognized it's BS.I've seen one before in my house with my dad and so has my mom personally in her room.They appear for a few seconds then disappear.They're very real they're out there,They have no human features except the shape of a man with a perfectly round head they're are about 5.5 no face or hands,but round fists they're just bright blue and sort of shiny.Believe what you want,but it's no hoax I sware to you people and no i've got S**T on comments before that i was on something,but it has never crossed my mind to do drugs nor do my parents do that we're a clean family.I'm here finding answer for an explaination for this sightings,but i believe this hoax that happened was based on a true experience by someone that they were told by someone.
Posted by LuisSmith  on  Tue Feb 26, 2013  at  05:06 PM
They are very real!! I believe the above passage. I too have experienced one in a VERY strange way!!!!!. I just don't want to be labeled crazy..
Posted by anonymous  on  Fri Apr 12, 2013  at  08:34 PM