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The Interfering Brassieres    (April Fool's Day - 1982)

The Daily Mail published an article titled "Do not adjust your set—it could be your bra!" in which it reported that 10,000 brassieres made by a local manufacturer had developed a serious problem. The support wire in the bras had been fashioned out of specially treated copper originally been designed for use in fire alarms. When this wire came into contact with nylon and body heat, it was producing static electricity which, in turn, was being emitted by thousands of unsuspecting women, causing interference with the reception of television signals throughout the country. As the article put it, "Widespread television interference, which has brought complaints from viewers all over Britain in recent weeks, is being caused not by unusual atmospheric conditions, but by 10,000 'rogue' bras."

The Daily Mail advised women to conduct a simple test to determine if their bra was "rogue": "After wearing the bra for at least half an hour, take it off and shake it a few inches above the TV." The paper displayed a picture of a model shaking her bra above a TV in order to show women how to perform the test.

Hundreds of readers took the article seriously. Among the readers who were fooled was the chief engineer of British Telecom who, according to later reports, upon reading the article immediately called his office and asked that all his female employees be checked to see if their bras were interfering with any electronic equipment.

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*snickers* This one's funny because it's pseudo-science is semi-plausible.
Posted by Jennifer  on  Thu Apr 01, 2004  at  10:35 AM
Sure, but it's really funny because I can just imagine all these women being forced to de-bra or leave work for the day. Where was I when this happened?
Posted by Andrew  on  Thu Apr 01, 2004  at  10:51 AM
That's horrible--but hilarious! I'm just glad I wasn't born then...much less born and working at British Telecom!!!!!
Posted by Anna Thorne  on  Thu Apr 01, 2004  at  11:32 PM
A good idea would be to buy it to my wife.
Where are they sold?
I find no other way to shut down the TV.
Posted by Sergei  on  Fri Apr 02, 2004  at  08:18 PM
What an idiot. Can you say "Sexual Harassment"? or "Lawsuit"??? Geez!
Posted by Renee  on  Wed Mar 29, 2006  at  10:45 PM
Wow, you can't help but think the boss did it for his pleasure. Someone has got to try the prank again.
Posted by Son Ngo  on  Fri Sep 22, 2006  at  11:18 PM
Definitley a favorite of mine. x)
Posted by Lucy  on  Sun Apr 01, 2007  at  07:27 PM