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Five-Wheel Drive    (April Fool's Day - 1990)

Hoffman York & Compton, a Milwaukee advertising firm, released promotional material introducing the Caballo XL, described as a revolutionary new South American car built around 'five-wheel drive' technology:
Conventional auto technology has the steering wheel rigidly anchored to a gear reducer. And that gear reducer has always been firmly riveted to the main frame… We've introduced a unique shock absorbing system to the entire steering command, including wheel, shaft and driver's seat. By integrating the steering wheel to the seat we've isolated it, and you, from the frame. That, in turn, virtually eliminates all of the bone shattering vibration that can rob you of control.

As a result, drivers would be able to drive at speeds in excess of 160 mph over rough, bumpy roads. The small firm later said that it issued the release in order to drum up business from the car industry by showing that it could play in the big leagues.

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