Y2K CD Bug

On April 1, 1999 a Canadian radio station, in conjunction with Warner Music and Universal Music Group, informed listeners that the arrival of Y2K would render all CD players unable to read music discs created before the year 2000.

Obviously, that would be a big problem for all those people who owned CDs (nearly everyone). But then the deejay told listeners that luckily there was a solution. Hologram stickers were available that would enable CD players to read the old-format discs. These stickers would be sold for approximately $2 a piece.

It took a few minutes for this piece of news to sink in, but then furious listeners, outraged at the thought of having to pay $2 for the stickers, began jamming the phones of both the radio station and the record companies.

Irate CD owners continued to call even after the radio station revealed that the announcement was a joke.

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