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Virgin Mary Pretzel
image The latest 'spawn-of-Virgin-Mary-Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich' on eBay is the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus Pretzel. This is a pretzel that may, if you're of the right frame of mind, look kind of like a Picasso-style rendition of the Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus. According to the description: "This totally unique and spiritual item was found by a 12 year old girl.  She was eating "Rold Gold" Honey Mustard flavored tiny twist pretzels, when she noticed the Virgin Mother holding Baby Jesus.  We all had a feeling of warmth and spirituality when holding the pretzel." The salty pretzel has been receiving news coverage, and bidding on it has already passed $1,000 with three days to go.
Categories: eBay, Food, Religion
Posted by Alex on Sun Mar 06, 2005
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It looks more like a slightly squashed musical note thingy, the one at the start of the music sheet thing

As you can tell, I'm musically challenged.
Posted by thunder  in  England  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  09:28 AM
It's an ampersand on acid.
Posted by Saint Cad  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  10:42 AM
It does look like a Trebble cleft thingy. Being a former musican (I played trupet in high school) I'm used to seeing this thingy.
Posted by Dany  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  10:50 AM
This recurring these of the Virgin Mary appearing in various foodstuffs is quite hilarious, though not as funny as when they model <a >
sex toys</a> after her.

Why is it that Mary has such a fascination with nearly being eaten these days anyways? Grilled Cheese, Tortilla Chip, pretzel? You have a strange and vengeful God.
Posted by ProjectMayhem  in  Madison, WI  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  01:35 PM
personally i see a handicap sign.
the pretzel looks like a little man sitting in a wheelchair.
Posted by MrKurto  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  01:50 PM
Looks like an ampersand.

"we had a feeling of warmth and spirituality" . . . and hope to cash in on it!
Posted by Chris Carlisle  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  02:28 PM
I'd have a feeling of warmth and spirituality when holding that pretzel, too. I'd be thinking "we can make a pretty penny with this on eBay."
Posted by cvirtue  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  06:50 PM
Looks like a pagan earth goddess to me. maybe it'd be better marketed to Pagans. Lots of pagan stuff goes for huge $, so why not try that one instead.
Posted by winona  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  08:00 PM
ummm,,, I don't think that's a honey mustard Rold Gold pretzel... It looks more like a trail left by a nervous Chihuahua with The Squirts
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  08:07 PM
If you turn it upside-down it looks like Free Willy... Philawhalephia Hot Pretzels. Mmm-mm. With orca without salt. Yum
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  08:11 PM
1/4 turn counter-clockwise, and it's Batman's Greatest Boner. (Blame Alex, that joker)
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sun Mar 06, 2005  at  08:12 PM
Naw, it's a twisted foot-long fecal impaction.
Posted by Tornado  on  Mon Mar 07, 2005  at  09:33 AM
Current bid: US $10,100.01

that's why it's not pagan...
I really hope that's a hoax, a bid from the ones who started this to make sure noone loses their money on this silly pretzel.
Posted by Adjin  on  Tue Mar 08, 2005  at  01:23 PM
I have just opened my yogurt cup to see a fabulous impression of Queen Elizabeth. Maybe it's an omen regarding the upcoming wedding. Anyone want to stick in a bid b/f I stick in my spoon.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Wed Mar 09, 2005  at  09:11 AM
This would be the ideal pretzel for Dubya to choke in....
Posted by LaMa  in  Europe  on  Wed Mar 09, 2005  at  11:01 AM
I'm sorry, but those Jesus and Mary sex toys are just wrong. Especially the "Baby Jesus butt plug". Too much! Is that for real? I'm just wondering how ProjectMayhem found this site, huh?
I'm sure you were just researching the "divine item obsession" on the internet.
I must admit, the Buddha dildo did make me laugh. "After a thousand years of praying and fasting and endless incarnations, Buddha finally gets to be.... a dildo."
Posted by Glamcat  on  Thu Mar 10, 2005  at  05:45 AM
It sold for just over $10k.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Thu Mar 10, 2005  at  08:43 AM
Forget the Jesus and Mary pretzel... here is our more sinister version from 2 bored college kids 😉
Posted by Orbev910  on  Fri Mar 11, 2005  at  01:29 AM

Forgot the damn link... did I mention DRUNK college kids?
Posted by Orbev910  on  Fri Mar 11, 2005  at  01:30 AM
Okay, now what was it? It's gone. Link doesn't work.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Fri Mar 11, 2005  at  07:14 AM
The pretzels nothing. Now there is a Potato that looks like the Virgin Mary TAKE A LOOK.
Posted by Gregeoy  on  Fri Mar 11, 2005  at  07:30 AM
Posted by Katie  on  Fri Mar 11, 2005  at  07:33 AM
Search on Ebay "virgin mary potato".

I'd put links here, but ebay links don't seem to work...

All we need now is the virgin mary stool. And not the one with the legs.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Fri Mar 11, 2005  at  07:54 AM
This must be a new trend. Have you seen the newest one? It's a pretzel in the shape of someone praying for the Pope. Check it out:
Posted by Jenna G.  on  Fri Mar 11, 2005  at  03:59 PM
just type in item # 6161280088 in the search box, it'll come up. It's rather silly.
Posted by Glamcat  on  Sat Mar 12, 2005  at  10:22 AM
Jesus on a Tortilla Chip is on sale on eBay RIGHT NOW (March 22, 2006). This one is NOT A HOAX. It gave me chills!
Posted by JimBob PollyWog  on  Wed Mar 22, 2006  at  07:47 PM
It looks like a defectively made pretzel that accidently got folded over itself in the manufacturing process. For $150 you can clothe, feed, educatate, and house a child in Uganda for an entire YEAR. Some people just have waaaayyyy too much discretionary income.
Posted by Red  on  Thu Feb 21, 2008  at  10:37 AM
wow this is some gay shit!
Posted by nickapee  on  Fri Feb 22, 2008  at  02:07 AM
OH LORD! Virgin Mary Pretzel Humor Tees?

Posted by Virgin Mary Pretzel Tees  on  Fri Feb 22, 2008  at  11:19 AM
Here it is, the one and only--the original
Check my link to ebay and bid on it. You may observe its beatific magnificence online!

Preys Jebus
Posted by Biggles  on  Sat Feb 23, 2008  at  11:11 AM
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