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Salvation Army Gold Coin Mystery
A coin dropped into a Salvation Army kettle last week in Naperville has made headlines. It was a $400 gold coin wrapped in a $1 million bill (the $1 million bill was fake). This brings up the mystery of just who's behind this tradition of dropping gold coins into Salvation Army kettles. Apparently the tradition dates back to 1982, when a gold coin was dropped into a kettle in a Chicago suburb. Gold coins have shown up in kettles in many states ever since then. Some think the coins are donated by people who benefitted from the charity in the past. But others suspect it may all be a publicity stunt engineered by the Salvation Army itself. After all, news reports about the gold coins always seem to encourage more donations. I suppose it's a hoax for a good cause, if it is a hoax.
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Posted by Alex on Wed Dec 22, 2004
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Posted by Monety  in  Tunis  on  Sat Apr 10, 2010  at  07:10 AM
It's very plausible to me.

I worked in a stamp and coin store; we bought and sold gold coins all the time. What the person gave was either a $20 gold piece or a one ounce bullion coin - the value for either is typically just for the gold.

There would be people buying and selling for all kinds of reasons including giving such amounts in subtle ways for Christmas tips, donations, overpaying club penalties, even.
Posted by al k  on  Sat Jul 10, 2010  at  11:55 PM
Maybe it was a whim of the moment.
Posted by Silver Ira  in  Online  on  Mon Sep 13, 2010  at  05:15 AM
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