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Public Urination Permitted
Status: Prank
Pranksters have placed signs in various places around Nottingham stating: "Public Urination Permitted After 7.30pm".

The Nottingham City Council wants everyone to know that the signs are not telling the truth: "It is an offence to urinate in public and these signs have been put up illegally, for whatever reason."

This prank is basically the opposite of one I reported on over a year ago in which pranksters placed signs in public lavatories that read: "Think Green. Think Safe. Do you really need to go?"
Categories: Gross, Pranks
Posted by Alex on Wed Dec 24, 2008
Comments (3)
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Thank you! Very interesting post.
Posted by Vincent  on  Sat Dec 27, 2008  at  08:12 AM
wow that sounds like a lot of fun cant beleive they even put that into law
Posted by Sam  on  Mon Dec 29, 2008  at  06:42 AM
Hey, what happened to the feed on this site? I only just realized after what, six months? a year? that I haven't been seeing this in my feed. Only realized when I just followed a link from BoingBoing.
Posted by Dave Rattigan  on  Tue Dec 30, 2008  at  05:10 AM
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