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Princess Juliana Airport
image This is a pretty amazing picture, and it screams 'Photoshop!' After all, where in the world would planes really land that close to sunbathers on a beach? It looks like the plane is landing right on top of them. Well, the place is Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten. And the airplanes really do come in that close to the beach. A collection of shots of planes landing at Princess Juliana is circulating as a powerpoint file via email. Jozee V sent the file along to me (Thanks, Jozee!). At first I couldn't believe that the shots were real, but after a little research I was convinced. The thumbnail shot was taken by the photographer Justin Cederholm. You can see more shots of planes landing at Princess Juliana Airport here, and here, and here. And if you don't believe this is a real airport, then check out it's website. Trust me, it's real. But personally I think those people sunbathing there are crazy. It seems to me like it would be a good way to shatter your eardrums.
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Posted by Alex on Fri Feb 20, 2004
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I've seen that Airport on the TV and it is really awesome. Sands are flying everytime the airplane lands.
Posted by Free Airfare  on  Sun Sep 14, 2008  at  11:25 PM
I find it incredible that so many people think that such photos must be faked when the proof to the contrary is so widespread. I have landed and taken off from SXM on many occasions and yes people stand underneath the planes when they land and yes the planes are that low when they come in to land. Here is some more.
Posted by NotaSheep  on  Sun Jun 21, 2009  at  01:46 AM
This is sooo hoax. I'm having a great laugh about the arguments like: "it's true, I've been there, look at this image, it proves this and that..." Just lot of crap arguments. Use your comon sence and look att the pictures, they are soooo Photoshoped you folks should be embarased about your common sence.
Posted by George  in  London  on  Wed Jan 20, 2010  at  05:10 AM
A friemd of mine went there last summer and sent me a video via email. When I first saw it, my thought was : I want that editing-software! But it's real after all. this world sure is a strange place...
Posted by Parker  in  Munich/germany  on  Tue May 18, 2010  at  07:15 AM
George of London: Have you been to St Martin? I have and trust me some of the planes are that low as they come in to land. Clearly your sense of logic is as well developed as that of your spelling.
Posted by NotaSheep  on  Sun Jul 25, 2010  at  06:04 AM
Disbelievers may like to take a look at the UK broadsheet (ie: serious) newspaper The Telegraph for Sunday 25 July, go to page 19 and look at the picture there... Looks like an Air France Airbus 340 landing at Princess Juliana Airport to me... Unfortunately the online version of the article - - has a different image.
Posted by NotaSheep  on  Mon Jul 26, 2010  at  03:49 AM
Disbelievers might also want to take a look at this page of photos and video of planes landing at this airport - It's real!
Posted by NotaSheep  on  Mon Jul 26, 2010  at  11:01 AM
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