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Powergen Italia
Over the past two weeks a lot of attention has been paid to a website whose name could be read in two ways: Think about it. Powergen Italia, or... Anyway, I didn't link to it here at first, believing it was a legitimate company that didn't realize how its name could be misread. Turns out I was wrong. According to an article in The Register, the site is a spoof. The real company named Powergen denies having an Italian division named Powergen Italia. Someone must have created the site for a laugh. Perhaps a disgruntled Powergen employee. Some other website names that can be read in two ways are (Whore Presents) and (via
Categories: Technology, Websites
Posted by Alex on Tue Jun 24, 2003
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It's not a hoax, but an Italian battery manufacturer (no relation to UK-based Powergen). They pulled the pages with the amusing URL a year ago, but you can still find them here:
Posted by hippy dippy weatherman  on  Mon Jun 21, 2004  at  12:46 AM
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Posted by SirGeoff  on  Sun Jan 30, 2005  at  09:43 AM
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