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My Pet Fat
pet fatThis should be a joke, but I don't think it is. Apparently inspired by the pet rock phenomenon of decades ago, an entrepreneur is now trying to sell globs of artificial fat under the name 'My Pet Fat.' The gimmick is that carrying around this artificial fat will supposedly inspire you to eat less and thus lose unwanted body fat. This is so dumb that it has to be real.
Categories: Body Manipulation
Posted by Alex on Thu Jan 15, 2004
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I think that is ingenius and It would be funny to sale pet lard!! HAHAHA
Posted by Bonnie  in  Uranus  on  Tue Feb 10, 2004  at  02:19 PM
you don't sale anything, you sell.
Posted by J  on  Thu Feb 12, 2004  at  01:58 PM
There was a story recently, on this site, on my local news. I knew I had heard it somewhere while I was watching the news... now I know... it was at this site!!!
Posted by Alex  in  GA  on  Tue Mar 23, 2004  at  06:32 PM
Whats so strange or funny about this Pet Fat product? I wish I could afford the big five pound piece because my little one keeps me on my diet when I look at it. To see what real fat looks like is disgusting and to think we have many pounds of it on our bodies that we need to lose helps when we look at what it truly looks like. This rubber fat we can hold in our hand as a mind set to stay on our diets. I find this to be a wonderful product and unless you own a piece of your own you shouldn't make fun of it and say it doesn't work. How could you if you never laid eyes on it for real or used it? Ro
Posted by Ro  in  Tarpon Springs Florida  on  Fri Jul 15, 2005  at  08:33 PM
Hehe, I think this might make more sense for the more weight-obsessed amongst us. I actually bought the little one ounce version of these before I ever saw it listed here lol. I use it for exercise motivation wink
Posted by Virtually  on  Thu Dec 01, 2005  at  02:23 PM
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Posted by Mark  in  Delhi  on  Sun Feb 08, 2009  at  10:43 PM
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