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Music Faun Plastic Surgery
Status: Probably a hoax
Hungarian plastic surgeon Dr. Lajos Nagy offers all the usual services at his clinic. You can get a breast enlargement, a nose job, liposuction, etc. But he also offers a rather unusual service: music faun surgery. He'll make your ears pointed so that you look like a music faun. His website,, states:
A newfangled extravagance is spreading amongst the music-lover youngsters of New York, which, after invading America, is sure to conquer the whole world. Ears becoming pointed as a result of plastic surgery not only enhance the attractiveness of the face, but also improve the experience of listening to music. A sign of the popularity of this operation is that in big cities so-called Faun-Clubs are founded one after another, where entrance is only allowed with pointed ears. The reverberating success of this new look is supported by more and more celebrities with pointed ears, amongst whom we can find not only musicians, but, for example, models, as well.

Here's the description of what the procedure involves:
The procedure itself means a very careful dissection of the structures at the upper pole of the earlobe. The required reshaping is achieved by modellation of a specially designed chondro-cutaneous flap (a flap containing the own cartilage and skin of the patient). The new shape is fixed by means of absorbable sutures, skin closure is made with unabsorbable uninterrupted sutures.

I think the post-operative pictures on Nagy's site look like people wearing fake ears, so my hunch is that music-faun surgery is a joke. However, I wouldn't be willing to state this definitively. After all, there definitely are people who get surgery to make their ears pointed.

However, Dr. Nagy's site is registered to, a Hungarian graphics studio, which makes me feel pretty sure that neither Dr. Nagy, nor his music-faun surgery, are real. The site is probably some kind of art project.
Categories: Body Manipulation, Websites
Posted by Alex on Tue Oct 30, 2007
Comments (19)
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In the documentary/mockumentary "Trekkies," one of the featured fans said that he was considering surgery to give him pointy ears. His wife/girlfriend looked at him and gasped, "WHAT?"
Posted by Mark  on  Tue Oct 30, 2007  at  10:30 PM
I would actually... want to have pointed ears...
Posted by Emidawg  on  Wed Oct 31, 2007  at  04:07 AM
If it is a hoax, I doubt it will remain one for very long. There's probably a few real places offering this already.
Posted by PlantPerson  on  Wed Oct 31, 2007  at  06:44 PM
The bmezine wiki site says that to make your ears pointed, you have to remove tissue, not add it. The ears on this doctor's site are definitely bigger than the originals. I say Photoshopped.
Posted by Leshka  in  NYC  on  Wed Oct 31, 2007  at  07:07 PM
heh in trekkies once again, a fan goes creeply "ssome people have fake ears but i have the real ones" and shows them off. pretty extreme fan boy stuff there, and i have to say if i saw someone with pointed ears id probably thing trekkie not "music fawn"

what is that anyway?
Posted by JoOdd  on  Thu Nov 01, 2007  at  04:49 AM
A friend of mine got her ears pointed, but some time later, when the scars recovered, I've noticed, that the ears have beocme not pointy at all, they just look different.
The results are very usually a surprise both for a patient and a doc. Try, there're lots of real before and after plastic surgery pics. I've seen some related to this topic there.
Posted by BloodyMary  on  Thu Nov 01, 2007  at  08:05 AM
Definitely hoax. All "before" and "after" photos were taken on the same day, same spot. No change in hair length, jewellery, etc.
Posted by bootes  on  Thu Nov 01, 2007  at  03:28 PM
20 years ago I was at art school with a woman who had been born with pointed ears. She was happy about it, but some people wouldn't be. So it's obvious what's happened here - the 'before' and 'after' photos have been reversed. The surgeon is offering a quickie in-your-lunchbreak points-removal service.
Posted by Mr Henderson  on  Fri Nov 02, 2007  at  01:03 PM

The big evidence:

- The hair cut/length of the patients.


The healing period of a ear plastic surgery is about 4-6 weeks. After all this time, our hair changes a lot.

Take a look again at the pictures.

The hair are exactly the same.

They thought about the clothes but forgot about this little detail.


PS: I'm sure a lot of people already called to make an appointment.
Posted by Guto Araki  on  Wed Nov 21, 2007  at  07:25 PM
Posted by Guto Araki  on  Wed Nov 21, 2007  at  07:28 PM
Same earrings on the girl in both pictures. Shading around the pointed ear on the male is definitely by photosohp.
Posted by Ema  on  Sat Dec 01, 2007  at  09:33 PM
Same earings , but is it done by photoshop? looks like some amazing work done.
Posted by Rohan  on  Wed Aug 20, 2008  at  07:12 AM
so why would someone really want to have point ears. i don't get it.
Posted by Fatima  on  Mon Aug 25, 2008  at  02:29 PM
same make up, same hair. You cant dry textured hair that identical, unless its an out proceeder and The Dr, took extra precautions agains ruffling her coif. But then. . .why change your shirt?
Posted by Shauna  on  Thu Nov 13, 2008  at  08:48 AM
u guys r ugly
Posted by mike  on  Thu Mar 19, 2009  at  08:13 AM
In the documentary/mockumentary "Trekkies," one of the featured fans said that he was considering surgery to give him pointy ears. His wife/girlfriend looked at him and gasped, "WHAT?" ....
Posted by surgery games  on  Sat Jul 25, 2009  at  11:17 AM
dood, realy? PHOTOSHOPED! note the stray hair that almost touches the earing, EXACT SAME SPOT, and even notice the streaks of shading in the hair, IT'S ALL THE SAME. all they had to do was photoshop a bigger shirt (the turtleneck) and the ears... there are places that do this for real, but this one is total bs... still thow, i realy want to do this lol...
Posted by omgwtfepicness  on  Sun Dec 20, 2009  at  05:08 PM
It's a hoax. In my case, because of my job, it happened that people requested ears pointed using plastic surgery in order to look similar to a cat or an elf....
Posted by Simon  on  Wed Apr 14, 2010  at  04:17 AM
Same earrings, same hair.
Posted by Sandra  on  Thu Jun 24, 2010  at  08:30 PM
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