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Male Lactation
male lactation Here's an odd website, forwarded to me by Mara. It's titled Milkmen:// Fathers Who Breastfeed. Now, when I first saw this I figured it had to be a joke. It surely can't be possible for men to lactate and produce enough milk to feed an infant. But after reading through the site, and exploring some of the links it provides, I'm beginning to suspect it might not be a joke. One of their links goes to this article about a man from Sri Lanka who breastfed his child after his wife died. I guess men do have all the physical equipment necessary to produce milk. It's just a question of triggering the right hormones so that the equipment starts working.
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Posted by Alex on Tue Oct 14, 2003
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This artical:

about 2/3 down says male lactation, while statistically possible, is exceptionally rare; and cannot produce enough milk to nurish a child.

Someone's lying, and I'm incline to belive the one that doesn't have men brestfeeding.
Posted by Patrick  on  Sat Jul 23, 2005  at  05:16 AM
I just found this article, the one mentioned where the man feeds his daughter (highly bizarre). The reason I am researching this is that my boyfriend has been experiencing these nipple discharges for the last 8 months.

By the way, he's 21 years old.

I always thought the male nipple could not secrete fluids of any kind. But then when my boyfriend started having this clear watery substance oozing out of his nipples in small drops, I began wondering. Then it seems the fluid gradually turned buish white over a couple months and increased in volume. Eventually, I dragged him to see a doctor (2 weeks ago) and the doc said it was indeed milk. Of course, he can not even produce near enough milk to feed a child, but he does make about half an ounce a day. It also seems his left nipple secretes more milk than the right. The doctor is ran some tests on him and we're still awaiting the results. I'm quite worried it might be a physical condition.

Anyway, we still wonder how and why this is happening to him. No other guy I know experienced this. I wonder if the fact that he's homosexual might have something to do with it...but I doubt that even.

The tests should be in by Friday so we'll likely know then. I just pray it's nothing serious and that it can be stopped.
Posted by Franky  on  Tue Sep 13, 2005  at  06:32 AM

<h1>Male lactation</h1>
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The phenomenon of male lactation in humans has become more common in recent years due to the use of medications that stimulate a human male's mammary glands. Though human males have nipples, it is not so often understood that they also have mammary glands. Ordinarily the mammary tissue is low in volume and cannot be noticed. Under the appropriate hormonal stimulus -- the hormonal stimulus that nature provides to human females when they become pregnant and give birth -- the mammary glands of human males can also produce milk. The volume of milk produced is low relative to that of a lactating female.

Male lactation is most commonly caused by hormonal treatments given to men suffering from prostate cancer. Female hormones are used to retard the production of cancerous prostate tissue, but the same hormones also stimulate the mammary glands. Male-to-female transsexuals may also produce milk due to the hormones they take to reshape their bodies. Extreme stress combined with demanding physical activity and a shortage of food has also been known to cause of male lactation. The phenomenon was first studied in survivors of the liberated Nazi concentration camps after World War II. Some American POWs returning from the Korean and Vietnam Wars also experienced male lactation.

It is also possible for males (and females) to induce lactation through constant massage and simulated 'sucking' of the nipple over a long period of time (months).

The phenomenon of male lactation occurs in some non-human species, and the lactating males may assist in the nursing of their infants. One species of fruit bat is notable for this reason. According to several sources, male lactation and even nursing have occasionally been observed in humans.

I am
Posted by THE SAGANIST  on  Sat Oct 22, 2005  at  10:12 AM
Franky, stop sucking and he will stop lactating!

Posted by Freakytoo  on  Sat Oct 22, 2005  at  10:18 AM
As stated in the wikipedia article above, it is possible for men to lactate. Because lactation is produced from prolactin, which can be generated by nipple stimulation in men and women, it has been suggested by other sources that it is possible for males to do so after a few weeks of simulated 'sucking' with a breast pump. As it the experiment has never been conducted at this point, no one is entirely sure. But one resource pointed out that from an evolutionary standpoint, male lactation could occur in species with high paternal certainty, such as in monogamy, and high participation from the male in raising the infant. Both of these prerequisites are common among humans and absent in many other mammals. It is thought, in fact, that that may be the reason why primate males even have vestigal mammary organs. What we don't know is if it can be induced without hormone injections (and the effects thereof), cancer, or unusual medical procedures. Additionally, if it is possible, how much, and of what quality milk can be produced. Personally I suspect it is possible to produce a usable, though smaller, amount of milk under normal circumstances with proper stimulation. It wouldn't be the first case of a usable vestigal part. Humans have arm muscles necessary to climb trees, but if they are unused for long enough, as they almost always are, they atrophy and become permanently unusable. Ever wonder why some native tribes can climb trees as well as any self-respecting monkey? Now you know. Personally, with a baby on the way, I'm giving it a shot. With a minimal time commitment, I may just be able to pull it off. It's an interesting, yet minimal cost and risk, experiment I'm willing to undergo.
Posted by terence clark  on  Thu Dec 29, 2005  at  09:31 PM
I am a male transgender. I would love to produce milk. I have altared my breast with hormones all ready. A very nice size 36C. Still taking herbs to fem my body more of a womans shape.
Posted by Ronda  on  Fri Mar 03, 2006  at  05:45 AM
i am transgendered male on hormones androcur and premarin and i am very interested in male lactation and the possibility to produce milk
. I can not find sites about transgenderd people who also are interested so we can share and talk about hormone regime to get lactation and maybe
fake pregnancy.
please please help me if you can .
mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by cindy  on  Wed May 24, 2006  at  01:22 AM
I am a transsexual finished my hormones in 1997 after 6 years on them. I have beautiful sentisive 46D breast and want to produce breast milk My nipples are 1/2" long and I can orqasem multiple times just by jogging or walking down steairs I hope they stay like this . They are still growing . My body is mimmicing menstration including slight bleeding and bloating, cramping , and intestinal distress (gas) for about 8 days a month. This started 5 monthe ago after I went on a diet , the doctors think the excess estroges was stored in my fatty tissue and was dumped into my system extreamly fast causing these systomes . I love it , just hope it won'r hurt me.
Posted by Debbie  on  Mon May 29, 2006  at  07:47 PM
my husband behind closed door use to breastfeed our twin girls while taking care of the house and watching your 11 month twins boys.we sometimes breastfeed our babies was great help for hapen when iwas pregnant with twin boys his breast start leeking then we went to doctor he was special hormone pill then two weeks we use breastpump the he making milk like a husband loved the special bond of breastfeeding our babies and so do i.we stop breastfeeding at a year old.he says thank god you have babies in the twin boys 8 pounds each i had natrual childbirth with no drugs labor 15 hours !my twin girls 7 pounds each labor 7 hours natrual birth no drugs .men labor feels like pooping out a large watermellon out your butt!
Posted by sarah  on  Thu Feb 12, 2009  at  10:24 PM
i am a male who has been taking female herbs (fenugreek, fennel, red clover, saw palmetto, and pueraria mirifica. I have been taking these supplments for 2 months now and 2 things have happened - 1. my breasts have grown slightly but are def much more feminine and 2. i am lactating. not lactating enough to feed a child but when i stimulate my nipple but wetting it and rubbing my fingers quickly over it repeatly - i will begin to express small droplets of milk. also when i get out of a warm shower my nipples will have small droplets of milk on the ends. so now only is it possible - i've done it and it absolutly works .....
Posted by jim mack  on  Fri Jul 09, 2010  at  10:26 AM
hi im samantha im 41 male to female transgender an i have started producing milk im using a pump an carrying out some of my own research so far there isnt much beung produced by my breasts around 3 or 4 ml every time i use but it is slowly building an producing more each time
please feel free to email me on this if you wish to kind regards samantha
Posted by samantha  on  Tue Nov 27, 2012  at  04:18 PM
Hi Smantha,

Very interested in you lactation information. Please contact me...

Posted by Chrissy Ross  on  Sun Dec 02, 2012  at  09:42 PM
Samantha from Australia I forgot to give you my email address it is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) thanks for contacting me. Chrissy
Posted by Chrissy Ross  on  Mon Dec 03, 2012  at  08:30 AM
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