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Indigo Children See The Future
Status: New Age Mumbo Jumbo
Indigo Children is a new-age term for children whose aura is indigo colored. These are the kids whom medical science would diagnose as being hyperactive or having ADD (and many lay people might diagnose as spoiled brats). But according to the indigo-child theory, these are actually children with very special powers. Nancy Ann Tappe, the psychic who first described the concept, says that Indigo Children are "souls with an evolved consciousness who have come here to help change the vibrations of our lives and create one land, one globe and one species. They are our bridge to the future." The Skeptic's Dictionary has some good info on the subject.

According to an article from the Orange-County Register, one of the powers being attributed to Indigo Children is the ability to see the future. Take this example:

When Carolyn Kaufman was getting her daughter, Ariel Carreno, ready to go, Ariel had an unusual request.
"Mom, we need to take an orange," Ariel said.
"Why?" Carolyn asked. Carolyn explained that this was a pizza party, and that an orange would probably be out of place.But when Ariel insisted, Carolyn grabbed an orange and took it to the party... So Ariel carried her orange into Chuck E. Cheese. The party went just as planned. The kids ate pizza. The kids played games. The parents endured the noise. Then, the birthday girl asked for the strangest thing. An orange.

Wow! The kid brought an orange to a party. Try to explain that, skeptics! Carolyn Kaufman also offers an example about her sony Tomy:

After fights with his sister over what to watch on TV, Tomy has broken five VCRs in the family home using only his energy force, Kaufman said. In some families, kids might get grounded for breaking expensive electronics. Not in Kaufman's house.

I'm sensing it would be great to be a kid in the Kaufman house. You could get away with anything. "It wasn't my fault, Mom. It was my energy force."
Categories: Future/Time, Psychology
Posted by Alex on Tue Dec 13, 2005
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to be fair, D.F., I didn't bring up love in the first place, you did.

Secondly, love is an emotion and is therefore subjectively experienced, unlike the alleged aura around Indigos, which would be a physical entity, and therefore should be detectable and measurable.

It occurs to me that this could be tested in a double-blind experiment. This might have to be tweaked, but I'm thinking that a child claimed to be Indigo and therefore in possession of an indigo-colored aura could be put in a room with "non-Indigo" kids. Then, one at a time, people who claim to be able to observe these auras would be brought in (probably on the other side of a one-sided mirror) to watch the kids. Neither the "Indigo detector" nor the experimenter would know any of the kids or which kid was allegedly Indigo, to make it a true double-blind.

After a period of observation, the person would say which kid they thought was the Indigo. The experiment would be repeated as many times as practical. My guess is that the results would be no better than (or at least not statistically better than) chance.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Wed Feb 25, 2009  at  04:59 PM
I think that the concept of the Indigo Children will never make sense to some people. However, when the skeptics say that "this is ridiculous" it feels like they're directing it towards me. It's okay if you don't like us; but it would be nice if you could accept us.
Posted by LuxLazuli  on  Thu Mar 05, 2009  at  07:07 AM
LuxLazuli said:

"It's okay if you don't like us; but it would be nice if you could accept us."

I think you're completely misunderstanding the situation here, Lux. I can only really speak for myself, but my guess is that this applies to the others who are skeptical about "Indigos" as well.

"Accepting us" seems to mean that you think people should take your claims of having an indigo aura and all that supposedly accompanies one at face value.

Imagine for a moment that you knew a person who claimed to have X-ray vision. Would you take that claim at face value, if there was no proof whatsoever that they actually did have it? If so, why?

"Indigos" make the claim that they have an aura, which is unproven in itself. On top of that, they claim that THEIR aura is a different color from those of other people and that that difference makes them special. Why should someone accept those claims? What proof of them exists?

Again, speaking strictly for myself, I don't dislike you. I don't know you. I just see no reason to believe the claims you and others make about Indigo-related stuff.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Mar 05, 2009  at  05:31 PM
Which is of course the difference between Cranky and all his deluded ilk and myself; I dislike anyone who disagrees with my thesis about love in th same way that a mathematician dislikes anyone who believes Pi equals 3 exactly and for the same reasons, and will campaign long and with all my effort to convince others of the truth of my stance ( Though I will convince anyone not emotioanlly or fincncially attache dto the concept without effort . . . it take sno energy to prove the indisputable).

One day, the truth *will* be known . . . and once all those who disagree either are reeducted or reused biologically, in a short 40 years EVERY problem in the world will be solved. Every single problem.

Unless soemone can prove me worng of course. Granted, like an African-American US president who lives for more than a year after his inaguration, it may one day happen.
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Thu Mar 05, 2009  at  05:44 PM
Anyone can call themselves something without giving proof. All of you get off you super massive ego superiority complex train rides and wake the hell up. We all want to be 'special'.
Anyone with evidence is free to prove me otherwise.
And no, I'm not just a 'ignorant, narrow-minded skeptic'. I thought enough of myself a few years ago as being completely different from everyone else and I went with this Indigo Theory for quite a while. I feel sorry for all of you who are still clinging to this hopeless ideal, it was a horrible revelation to me, realizing that having enough faith in something can make you jump to irrational conclusions about your own self, connecting dots that just aren't there, etc.
Every person who I've told about this Indigo Theory told me that they think they might be one. That's impossible, because as you say they are few and special. It's a human ideal to strive to be different but there's other ways of doing it-if you just harness the innate individual traits that you all have to reach such a potential.
I'm just saying, consider 'believers', that maybe
you are very lost and confused like I was, and are searching for an answer that isn't there.
So the debate rolls on...
Posted by Mel  on  Sat Jun 20, 2009  at  09:07 AM
And as and added plus, I've also read that 'around 80% of children being born to day are Indigos'. You've just been proved wrong in a single statement! Know why, kids? If most of our children are supposed Indigos, then the entire concept is utterly WORTHLESS. Has anyone woken up yet?
Posted by Mel  on  Tue Jun 23, 2009  at  09:57 AM THIS BOOK ABOUT INDIGO CHILDREN
Posted by ElizVETA  on  Fri Jun 26, 2009  at  05:34 AM
Oh, great, mind giving me evidence in my own language?
Posted by Mel  on  Fri Jun 26, 2009  at  10:22 AM
hi ya
my names johdi, im a 21 year old young woman and have always felt like i dont fit in. 2 years ago i started to suffer with servere depression. soon after this started i started to see hear and sense things others couldnt. i know all u skeptics are gonna be like yeah whatever! because thats how i used to be.

soon after these episodes i joined a church and talked about my experiances. i was told by more than one person on more than one occassion that i was an indigo child. so i researched this. i had many of the qualities that a typial indigo child would have.

i also have always been highly sensitive to my surroundings and the way others around me are feeling.
i just want to put a theory to all these skeptics! okay you say we have no proof what so ever that we are indigo children.
let me ask you! what proof do you have that we are not indigo children?????

you believe in god but u cant see him, so just look at it this way u cant see who indigo children are but this doesnt mean they are not real!

johdi x
Posted by johdi  on  Mon Oct 26, 2009  at  12:40 PM
your a retard if u think this shit is real. u know wat i have a proposition, y dont u just videotape urself healing some1 or doing some indigo power crap and have a scientist there. if u r really indigo u should never fail at predictions or healings or watever bc u claim to be having powers but they seem to be vague and pretty inconsistent. if u get everything right i guarantee u will be the rel center of attention throughout the world for pretty much ever. if any of wat the so called "indigo children" say is true the shit would have hit the fan immediately there would be no doubt no conspiracy no critics. just sheer astonishment and amazingly vast quantities of money being put into replicating, studying, understanding and discovering everything about this. or u can just keep pushing that 80% of people now are indigo and yet no1 believes u so nothing will ever change and u can go on throughout ur miserable existence and just keep saying that u broke a vcr 5 times with energy forces while u were just being a dick to see how much u can get away with bc the indigo is supposed to be pretty much the definition of a brat
Posted by james  on  Tue Mar 16, 2010  at  12:28 AM
I know my family is the old-fashioned kind of religious, not eclectic like me. If I even hinted that I was Indigo, that I could easily see auras and sometimes read minds...they would certainly punish me.
Posted by Girl games  on  Tue May 18, 2010  at  12:26 AM
those who dont expierence the syncronicities of being an indigo will deem it as crazy phenomenon...cause someone limetid by sense preception will have a harder time seeing things all a visonary mannor...making indigos connected hem. brain activity a blessing that enables them to reach higher states of meditation/more focus...which can also explain theyre natural crreative abbilities with art and music. as for the aura...your aura is electro magnetic energy...the energy of light....most people who are prone to seeing auras also experience they think of someone, then that person randomly calls. or the know what people are hidden motives..or even lustful feelings almost instistfully they can read your feelings. is very very presice...but to someone without these extra sensory abilities whoose stuck in a lower realm of ego ceases to aknodledge that this could be possible simply because they do not experience it or see it...What? do you think we are all making this stuff up? to be diffrent? everyone is diffrent thats not the point...its the abilitys/feelings/behaviorial patterns that an indigo child posesses that unifys them with the universe/animals/plants/people ect.we are not trying to be diffrent..we can sense the oneness...the universal truth. weve actully been sensing it since we were children...a lesson many but adults cant even comprehend and put internalize. that sets them out of the this day and age people are being forced(by society/gov) into consumerism at such a fast rate that people are becoming sheep.following whatever to be cool or fit in...indigo chindren never really fit in besides with people on a similar or same frequency..others who are as open and nuturing to other life forms that inhabitant our planet..but that does NOT mean that they cannot get along with people of all walks of life.. because of theyre sixth sense and ability to think of life in other beings situations..they can understand and relate without experience!

We also know things more than just our concious mind knows.... things about people like theyre age...or ethnicity and i mean things you couldnt rationally know from reason...its like more of a gut suprizes a lot of people...also clarvoiant dreams.....i had a baby bunny and one night i had a dream it died...and two days later it died...things like that that most people dont know..

were not concerned with your praize or lack there of...we are on a mission and a journey and we are here to educate you...and to speed your evolution. you have the free will to listen or to not...we are not trying to convert you..theyre are much more important matters at hand.
remember my brothers and sisters...the earth is perfect it is us that are flawed..but we are part of the earth and therefore are perfect..we only have to realize it...

love and light and blessings
Posted by Violet  on  Sun Jun 27, 2010  at  08:56 PM
Aya, you poor misunderstood, dear, dear, Moron. (that's a medical term, look it up) The whole world around you IS "the problem" "ALL the adults" that were in your life "were the problem". Seems as though everything around you "IS the problem", it couldn't possibly be YOU, could it? Your poor disappointed mother, my heart goes out to her.... You are still looking desparately for something, someone, to blame for YOUR bad judgement and devistating decisions in your life, because it couldn't possibly be your fault. So you have found some silly smoke screen to cast your misfortune upon, as an explaination to your "higher abilities and untame-able passion for life" I'll just call it an unreasonable rebellion that destroys those whom loved them and placed trust in them. That sounds just about right. You are not unusual, special, gifted, or enchanted; you are an asshole! There is NO such creature as an Indigo Child, just a "bad child!" and of course excuses of why they might be perceived as bad. (it has to be bc these special individuals can see the future and move objects w/o touching them, yeah that would explain why they can not get along with others, follow authority, or make a damn thing out of their own life) While you search for excuses, the world will go on, your siblings will surpass your achievements, your parents and grandparents will grow old without you, and at the end of it all, your still an asshole with NO real reason- and alone, poor you again! If you could indeed see the future, you would have been able to avoid your failures, protect your relationships, and built a successful life without excuses! A word of advise if I may, grow up, take responsibility for ALL of your actions, actually get REAL with yourself you special little Indigo, repair your relationships with those that love you and make something of yourself with hard work that you can be proud of. Oh, that will take longer that 2 weeks so build some endurance for hard work! Take it or leave it, I really could care less, much like most of the world around you!
Posted by stacey  on  Tue Jul 27, 2010  at  07:51 PM
Being a terrible, terrible thirteen-year-old, I ask all you "indigo's" out there: tell me, what is sitting on my desk right now? I'll play fair if you will.

Honestly, I came here with an open mind. Who knows, maybe I too could become a super crystal kid. But then, I read the comments, and all you "indigo kids"... no. Just no. Your points are weak and I'm simply not getting this deep intelligence you're supposed to have from the way you write. The angels have lost another soldier, I'm afraid.
Posted by Weaselface  on  Thu Oct 14, 2010  at  05:48 PM
I'm an indigo. You see I can sense when someone is looking straight at me whether they are from far distance or short. For example: I was getting my hair done and started to fall asleep, then I woke up with my mum looking at me. I don't know how I knew I just felt it.
Posted by Tiana  on  Thu Dec 02, 2010  at  10:22 PM
No, sorry, you are utterly wrong. Indigo children write better essays because they sense what mark they will get as they write, and constantly readjust it for the mark they aim for.

If they get poor marks, it is because they are self-destructive personalities 😊
Posted by dfstuckey  on  Fri Dec 03, 2010  at  05:46 PM
Well now. I can't stand all the negativity here. So many people saying hateful things. I've researched the "Indigo" theory and I'd just like to say, You all need to get over yourselves.

I'm not taking one side or another but really people! You should be doing something other than arguing over something that is so unclear.

IF you feel that you are Indigo, then you should have a little self respect and not go flaunting it about. Let skeptics think what they want. When one asks you for proof, you should have some dignity and if you feel like you don't need to give any, then DON'T!

But also, skeptics who don't believe in Indigo's need to be a little respectful. You don't see Christians hating on Jewish people, or visa- versa. It's like a religion, you can't prove which one is "right". Let people think what they want without being dissed on for it.

It IS ok to have your own opinion, but can't we all just be a bit nicer about it?
Posted by Alice  on  Sun Jan 23, 2011  at  10:51 PM
Ok people its for real i am an indigo child i dream of the future and interpret it and im always right i know 2 other indigos at my school and we all have the exact same dreams! But like we found a portal to another realm and its true portals are real to! Im 12 <3
Posted by Shanini  on  Tue Jan 25, 2011  at  04:19 PM
Shanini said:

"Ok people its for real i am an indigo child i dream of the future and interpret it and im always right"

OK, Shanini, if you can predict the future and you're always right, you should have no trouble making a specific prediction about something that will happen in the near future, right?

Please note that "specific" means that the prediction has to be about something real and verifiable, not something vague.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Jan 25, 2011  at  05:49 PM
All this hype about 'Indigo children' makes me laugh, really! Sure I may have some of the traits associated with so-called 'Indigo children' and those that I lack are ''trouble with authority'' and those that have to do with ''psychic''/''paranormal'' abilities.

For those that believe in such abilities and want to convince others, shall provide evidence. CLEAR EVIDENCE OF THE CLAIMED ABILITIES. ANECDOTES ALONE DO NOT COUNT.

Congrats to ''Cranky Media Guy'' for outstanding comments dealing with the lunatics of this thread!!!

~~Cherrina the Cherry Pie Nerd! , 13 years old SCEPTIC and objective enquirer
Posted by Cherrina_CherryPieNerd  on  Tue Feb 08, 2011  at  07:52 PM
While visiting my family in a differnt city, i started to befriend a very interesting woman. she told me she though i was an indigo- and she considers herself one too. Things happened there that made me beleive indigo/chrystal kids are real, though maybe i was just connecting dots that arent there. Everyone wants to beleive they are special or different from everyone else. i dont know wether to beleive the sceptiks or the beleivers, though honestly being considered "indigo" would explain alot of things. I may sound contradictive or stupid, but im interested in this sort of thing and just want to knowif its real- or if im just falling for an illusin to back myself up spiritually.
Posted by Stuck  on  Wed Oct 12, 2011  at  07:49 PM
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