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Imaginary Girlfriends
A few weeks ago I noted the growing popularity of buying and selling imaginary relationships on eBay. Now the concept has migrated off of eBay and became the basis for a new company: As the site explains:
You can soon receive personalized love letters by mail, e-mail, photos, special gifts, even phone messages or online chat from your new Imaginary Girlfriend. We won't tell anyone that it's not real!.

Okay, but what about the imaginary boyfriends?
Categories: Sex/Romance
Posted by Alex on Sun Feb 22, 2004
Comments (6)
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DEAR GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by J  on  Mon Feb 23, 2004  at  01:59 PM
What happened to the good old days when us New Yorkers could just say that we had a girlfriend in Canada? Now we have to hire someone to join in the the ruse?
Posted by Bob S. Yunkle  on  Fri Feb 27, 2004  at  02:45 AM
Who would believe it?

Ah, I don't care . . .
Posted by Ariel  on  Sat Feb 28, 2004  at  12:03 PM
How desparate are these people?!
Posted by Alex  in  GA  on  Thu Mar 04, 2004  at  04:50 PM
sad... very sad...
Posted by kid-messing-around-during-class  on  Wed Mar 10, 2004  at  02:13 PM
i agree
Posted by Alex  in  GA  on  Mon Mar 15, 2004  at  05:38 PM
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