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The Arizona Daily Star reports that Cingular Wireless is preparing to debut an Escape-a-Date feature on its phones. It will allow you to prearrange a phone call to interrupt you during a date, providing you with a convenient out, should it be necessary. Excuse messages offered up will include "my friend is having some trouble with superglue and needs some help" and "my friend was looking in his fridge and found some pudding that's shaped like Elvis." That second thing about Elvis really happened to me, except it wasn't pudding. It was a potato chip. (via BoingBoing)
Categories: Sex/Romance, Technology
Posted by Alex on Thu Aug 05, 2004
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how do they know the date is going to be bad before it happens??
Posted by john  on  Fri Aug 06, 2004  at  10:51 AM
it rings you anyways.. if you are enjoying the date you just listen in and ignore; otherwise you go help your friend with a glue..
Posted by john2  on  Fri Aug 06, 2004  at  12:09 PM
Our company just launched an online, FREE escape a date service called

And we have way more recordings to choose from!
Posted by Daniel Caffrey  on  Fri Oct 20, 2006  at  08:31 AM
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