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Bacon Whores
image Bacon Whores (which is quite safe for work, despite the name) caters to that lucrative niche market of people who enjoy bacon but don't want to cook it themselves. If you're such a person a Bacon Whores employee will come to your house and prepare some bacon for you, for a very reasonable price. You can choose from flavors such as Hickory Smoked, Honey Cured, and Cinnamon Bacon. Their motto is that they provide high quality meat on demand (MOD). The Bacon Whores site is so elaborate that it's almost believable, but after a bit of googling I discovered that it's actually a creation of, which is run by Matthew Vanderzee. It looks like Matthew has been creating hoax websites for the past ten years, at about the rate of one a year. He created Bacon Whores back in 2003. His latest creation is Frootsoup!, which claims to be one of the world's largest produce-based soup restaurant chains.
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Posted by Alex on Sun Feb 13, 2005
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As someone who has burned a lot of bacon in the past, and who remembers some of the real home service businesses that have cropped up, I would not be surprised if this was real. If not now, then sometime soon. If the people did more cooking than just bacon, it would stand a better chance of surviving, but this is the age of specialization.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  07:29 PM
It doesn't really seem like a clever spoof to me. Maybe it's just not my style of humor, or maybe this guy is more concerned with making his websites have believablity than either humor or satirical impact.

I mean, really. "They'll cook your bacon for you." Can you imagine anyone laughing at the idea? Bonsai Kitten must be the zenith of the artform, it worked on so many levels, and this just doesn't....
Posted by Barghest  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  09:38 PM
Yuck....pork....i'd pay them to not cook it anywhere near me.
Posted by Razela  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  12:01 AM
This website is SO dumb. I mean all the celebrities with obviously photoshopped 'Bacon Whore' tank tops & stuff? Angelina Jolie would hardly be a 'Bacon Whores' fan I'd imagine. It looks like an absolute hoax from the home page. But in the meantime this guy's company is called netboredom & he's created hoax websites for the past 10 years???
I'm an artisan & jewelry designer who would LOVE to have someone with THAT MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS create a REAL website for me! Art is my forte but my web design skills are severely limited & I don't have much time to learn. Now I'm sad!
Posted by Electra  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  09:28 PM
Just Monday, I was looking at a catalog for a company called Omaha Steaks (mail-order meat, basically). One of their featured deals was a big package of pre-cooked bacon. So I guess there is a real market made up of people who love bacon but hate to cook it.
Omaha Steaks doesn't come to your house and cook it for you, though. They ship it already cooked.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  10:22 PM
I'm just glad that I bought the t-shirt before they shut the site down. *L*
Posted by Luvie  on  Tue Apr 05, 2005  at  12:24 PM
Hoax!?!?!? My life is no longer living!!!
Posted by Tom S. of Frisco, TX  on  Thu Aug 18, 2005  at  02:49 AM
I guess there is a real market made up of people who love bacon but hate to cook it.
Posted by Atlanta web design  on  Sat Dec 18, 2010  at  04:05 AM
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