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Do Round Bowls Make Goldfish Go Blind?
Status: Undetermined
CNN reports that the city of Rome has passed a set of laws to prevent cruelty to animals. For instance, dog owners will be forced to walk their dogs regularly. And round goldfish bowls have been banned because round bowls supposedly cause the fish to go blind. Specifically, the article says:

The newspaper [Il Messaggero] reported that round bowls caused fish to go blind. No one at Rome council was available to confirm this was why they were banned. Many fish experts say round bowls provide insufficient oxygen for fish.

I have never before heard this claim about the dangerous effects of round bowls. I tried to google "round bowls goldfish blind" to see if anyone has written about this, but no luck. However, depending on the size of the opening in the bowl, it does seem logical that the fish may not get enough oxygen. And if they don't get enough oxygen, maybe they'll go blind (shortly before they die).

Incidentally, I'm totally in favor of laws forcing people to walk their dogs. I hate it when people (such as my neighbor) keep their dog chained up in their yard all day, every day.
Categories: Animals
Posted by Alex on Tue Oct 25, 2005
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I'm sorry about your losses Busisiwe. What kind of fish is he? I'm assuming he's a goldfish, since you posted your question on this thread. I don't think a fish's eye can "shut" exactly, since they don't have eyelids. Perhaps something is growing on it? Maybe he lost his eye somehow? As long as he's still active and eating, that's a good sign.

If you want, we can correspond by email so as not to clog up the board. My email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Here's a website you can go to, in the meantime. Good luck, I hope your baby gets better.

This may be of some use as well
Posted by Laura  in  Phoenix, AZ  on  Thu Aug 17, 2006  at  01:21 AM
I can't believe all the ignorance I'm seeing's only a fish....not all dogs need walks....pathetic.

Look, it's simple. It doesn't matter what kind of creature it is. The only question to be asked is, does it have the capability to suffer? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.
Posted by Appalled  on  Sat Dec 09, 2006  at  11:57 AM
Amen to that! Since when did we need scientists to tell us what can feel and what can't? Just spend some time with any animal without your preconsived notions and you'll see things you never saw before. That is if you can take your blinders off.
Posted by Laura  in  Phoenix, AZ  on  Sun Dec 10, 2006  at  01:13 PM
A science fair question, 14 fish in one 2 and one half gallon tannk, 4 in another, will the four fish grow faster than the others? (small comet goldfish 4cm-8cm)
Posted by abby  in  nj  on  Tue Feb 27, 2007  at  03:01 PM
please answer as soon as posible
Posted by abby  in  nj  on  Tue Feb 27, 2007  at  03:33 PM
If fish bowls should be banned, then so should ALL aquariums, regardless of size! BTW some breeds of fish are suited for bowls, such as white cloud minnows, ghost shrimp, mystery snails, dwarf african frogs and bettas.
Posted by Sam  in  Tx  on  Tue Jan 27, 2009  at  05:14 PM
Well I was just wondering - I know that fish can suffer, but dont they have a memory span of about 5 seconds?
Posted by Camilla  in  Toronto  on  Tue Jul 21, 2009  at  12:16 PM
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Posted by koi fish care in  in  jaipur  on  Sun Nov 22, 2009  at  07:03 PM
Fish are just as important as any other animal and deserve proper care.
Posted by Mary  in  australia  on  Thu Mar 18, 2010  at  06:27 PM
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