Yunnan Breast-Touching Festival

In an article about the growing popularity of festivals in China (they're popular because they make lots of money for local governments), China Daily called attention to a false rumor about the existence of a "Breast-Touching Festival" in Yunnan province:

According to rumors circulating on micro blogs and Internet chat forums, the Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province was considering applying for world cultural heritage status for a "Breast-Touching Festival". During the three-day festival in the lunar month of July, young women would expose one breast for any man to touch. Those whose breasts were touched would take that as an auspicious sign. Later, however, the Chuxiong government rejected the posts as purely fabricated.

Turned out there was a wikipedia page about this festival. The page had been on wikipedia for over a year, but it was deleted soon after the festival was identified as a hoax. The page is now preserved on Wikipediocracy. More info at


Posted on Tue Dec 31, 2013


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