Yeti Footprint Photo Fetches Monster Price

A 1951 photo of a "yeti footprint" recently sold at Christie's for £3,500. That's almost $7000 (thanks to the lousy exchange rate we Americans are currently stuck with).

The photo was taken in the Himalayas in 1951 by Eric Shipton, who was a member of a reconaissance expedition scouting the region before attempting to climb Mt. Everest. Another member of the team, Tom Bourdillon, included this note with the picture when he sent it to his friend Michael Davies:
“Dear Mick, here are the footprint photos: sorry for the delay. We came across them on a high pass on the Nepal-Tibet watershed during the 1951 Everest expedition.
“They seemed to have come over a secondary pass at about 19,500ft, down to 19,000ft where we first saw them, and then went on down the glacier. We followed them for the better part of a mile.
“What it is, I don’t know, but I am quite clear that it is no animal known to live in the Himalaya, and that it is big. Compare the depths to which it and Mike Ward (no featherweight) have broken into the snow. Yours, Tom Bourdillon.”
If anyone wants some photos of footprints of the San Diego Yeti, taken in my backyard, I'm willing to sell them for a reasonable price. (Thanks, Cranky Media Guy)


Posted on Fri Sep 28, 2007


Actually, it was 4 photos, not 1.
Posted by Jaime  on  Fri Sep 28, 2007  at  01:38 PM
Wasn't this proved, years ago, to be the footprint of some known animal? The footprint is partially melted and thus looks like a yeti footprint (presuming there is one for real).
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Fri Sep 28, 2007  at  05:27 PM
Stupid people do stupid things! Paying too much for a Yeti footprint doesn't have to be one of them...

Heck, I'd have given the fellow a MUCH better photo than that, with a MUCH better paragraph, for a whole lot less than $7,000... And mine would have been much more recent as well (proof positive Yeti is still alive and well)!!!
Posted by Christopher  on  Sat Sep 29, 2007  at  04:45 PM
Actually that's OVER $7000 (thanks to the lousy exchange rate you Americans are currently stuck with).
Posted by Robert N  on  Mon Oct 01, 2007  at  11:19 AM
It has to be real because nobody had ever played a practical joke or passed off crap as something genuine until 1960.

The Piltdown Man 'fossils' were total BS, fabrications by either a prankster or a forger, and they were from the early 1900's.
Posted by Whatever  on  Wed Oct 03, 2007  at  05:10 AM
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