Yet another urban myth from Iraq

On the heels of the "American troops eat babies" myth comes the story of the Giant, Man-eating Badgers of Basra:

Ferocious British badgers an urban myth in Iraq

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Posted on Sat Jul 14, 2007


I had no idea they extended as far north as Iraq.
Posted by Craig  on  Sat Jul 14, 2007  at  06:15 PM
Beavers of Baghdad. Muskrats of Mosul. Ferrets of Falujha. Iraq and Roll all night long, baybee... I'm sorry. That was uniquely unsatisfactory. I find it hard to squeeze any humor out of Hell On Earth. Big deal- they have some exagerated urban legends- like their reality doesn't suck enough, right? Give them poor souls a break, in the name of mercy. Museum of Indifference to Unspeakable Suffering. If the Foo shits, wear it, giggles
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sat Jul 14, 2007  at  10:16 PM
Oh, I promise you I'm not trying to pile onto the chaos in Iraq. I just think it's interesting to see the kind of delusions that war creates in real time.

Often, these kind of things exist for most people as a story in a history book which, I think, make it seem less than real. This is happening as we watch and I find it fascinating.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sun Jul 15, 2007  at  01:28 AM
The problem is, they've mixed up two different kinds of badger. There is the British badger which is small, shy, and not vicious at all, and the honey badger, which is larger, eats a lot more, will attack humans if provoked, and is indigenous to the region. The honey badger was there before we got there, but mostly in the marshlands. It's been driven to the cities in search of food.

I suppose, in a way, the 'vicious man-eating British Badger' legend is a way of expressing fears about the troops, without actually coming out and criticising the troops - purely subconciously, of course.
Posted by Nona  on  Mon Jul 16, 2007  at  07:37 AM
It would have been more fun if the British had brought Nessie along. And we could have brought Champie to keep it company.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Mon Jul 16, 2007  at  09:31 PM
>"the British badger which is small, shy, and not vicious at all"

You've obviously never accidentally cornered a badger as it rummaged through your bins. They're the UK's largest native carnivore and have big teeth and claws that scared the **** out of me as they came flying at my face.

But yes, they are small and shy compared to a Honey Badger.
Posted by Robert N  on  Tue Jul 17, 2007  at  11:07 AM
Britain's largest native carnivore? I'm not sure the foxes would be pleased to hear that.
Posted by Nona  on  Wed Jul 18, 2007  at  08:08 AM
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