Worst Weatherman Ever

image Here's a video going around showing what has to be, quite easily, the worst weather broadcast ever. It's so bad you begin to suspect that it was staged. But I don't think so. It seems to be a student-run news show broadcast by Ohio University Public Television. Not to be harsh, but this guy should really think about pursuing a different career. Reporting the weather doesn't seem to be his thing.
Update: Apparently there's a few more weird weathermen videos going around (weird weathermen must be the internet meme of the moment). One shows a weatherman in North Carolina who thinks he's way funnier than he actually is. And another one shows a Fox news weatherman who breaks out in an inexplicable bout of swearing on-air while the camera is rolling (not safe for work because of language).


Posted on Wed Jan 26, 2005


Oh, that poor man! I couldn't even watch the whole thing.
Posted by Tru  in  Other Words  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  09:46 AM
Dear oh dear. I never would have believed it could be quite that bad. For their part the two girls carried on seamlessly afterwards!
Posted by Nick  in  Merrie Olde Englande  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  10:04 AM
The girl on the left sounds like she's delivering lines she was given ahead of time. If this thing is real, she probably wrote out some non-descript comments about the weather ahead of time so she could say something after his forecast was over.
That was truly awful.
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  10:30 AM
Louis's quote "These bad things just blow in". Don't know if he was talking about the weather or himself. Now that is some good stuff. There is another weatherman on iflim who's way out there.
Posted by sbnature  in  sb ca  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  10:32 AM
Charlotte is in North Carolina, not South.
Posted by coit  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  01:17 PM
And another thing....

Both the NC guy and the Fox guy were not 'on-air'. They were outtakes from segments that were being taped for use during commericals and the like.

The NC guy must be a riot to work with.... I love the "haven't you seen the Pamela Anderson video?" line of questioning. Does he think everyone he works with surfs for internet porn? grin
Posted by coit  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  01:24 PM
This IS a student broadcast: http://woub.org/about/
Posted by glubibou  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  02:33 PM
For me, Mark Mathis (Mr Carolina) is the worst, because he looks as if he's being employed in a professional capacity, for a fair amount of money. The college bloke is excusable, because he's an amateur, but Mathis is awful, awful. As a resident of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, I was momentarily struck by the map of North Carolina; you've nicked our names! It's not even 'New Salisbury'.
Posted by Ashley Pomeroy  in  Salisbury, England  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  04:27 PM
In fact, it looks as if Mathis was fired in November last year, "two weeks after checking into rehabilitation for alcohol and substance abuse problems". I would never have guessed that he was high as a kite.
Posted by Ashley Pomeroy  in  Still Salisbury  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  04:30 PM
the mathis guy did indeed look a bit harried or off kilter.. one could've probably guessed that he was on something
Posted by Jenny  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  05:25 PM
There are a great many British town names over here -- surf around on Mapquest and you'll see plenty. I think mostly they were named by transplants yearning for home.
Posted by cvirtue  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  06:16 PM
The college video rather reminds me of my college TV production class projects. Each comment is scripted. we didn't have such good equipment in those days, but we did have last-minute substitutions for people who didn't show up and people who were better directors than talent. I had one anchor who read copy timed at 3 minutes in over 11 minutes. My next project just took the thing on its ear. My weather girl read it as communist propaganda (sunny today for the greedy capitalists living off the backs of the workers) and my sports segment was done by my Nigerian collegue in his Hausa dialect. It was just as poorly performed, but less excruciating somehow. I still have the tapes...
Posted by Longstreet  in  indianapolis  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  10:35 PM
Surely the worst weather man performance must be Michael Fish in 1987: no, don't worry, I promise there's absolutely no hurricane on its way...
Posted by paul in prague  on  Thu Jan 27, 2005  at  02:39 AM
The NC guy is now a recovering alcoholic and cokehead. Source: http://www.heraldsun.com/state/6-568151.html
Posted by bobo  on  Thu Jan 27, 2005  at  06:50 AM
I actually get WOUB on my TV and the news is always this cheap and horrible. It's run by a bunch of college students, as mentioned before.
Posted by Jade  in  Southern Ohio  on  Thu Jan 27, 2005  at  08:53 AM
The Michael Fish one isn't even funny. Two people died and others were injured by the hurricane he said wasn't going to happen. If he had got it right (as for instance the Netherlands Met Office did) then lives might have been saved.

There's an outtake clip I've seen at least twice on UK TV of a scottish weatherman (Ferguson?) whose "little clicker to change the picture" (technical term) isn't working. Very funny but of course you have to see it...
Posted by Robert Newman  in  London  on  Mon Jan 31, 2005  at  07:57 AM
I just want to vouch that Louis is for real. It is a Univeristy Station, but it is actually watched by the locals. He is not on air anymore!The girl on the far right went on to work at WTAP-TV NBC station nearby. http://www.wtap.com/station/bios/news/1319226.html
Posted by John  in  Parkersburg, WV  on  Wed Feb 02, 2005  at  05:54 AM
yeah i watch this show everyday at 6:30. it's awesome. it's the only local news in southeast ohio. sometimes it's hard to watch cause it's so awkward.
Posted by erik  in  athens, ohio  on  Wed Feb 15, 2006  at  04:14 PM
For Salisbury, Wiltshire, England,
FYI these cities and towns were not named by americas but native Europeans who wanted to honor their home country....pick up a history book
Posted by Mo  on  Fri May 09, 2008  at  02:05 AM
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