Wooden Knobs For Your Stereo

Status: Dubious product
image This seems like it should be a joke, but I don't think it is. Reference Audio Mods is selling wooden knobs for Silver Rock stereo equipment (to replace the standard metal knobs). They claim these knobs will greatly improve sound quality:
The point here is the micro vibrations created by the volume pots and knobs find their way into the delicate signal path and cause degradation (Bad vibrations equal bad sound). With the signature knobs micro vibrations from the C37 concept of wood, bronze and the lacquer itself compensate for the volume pots and provide (Good Vibrations) our ear/brain combination like to hear... way better sound!!
And they're asking $485.00! I refuse to believe that wooden knobs would make any difference in the sound quality of stereo equipment.

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Posted on Wed Aug 02, 2006


D.R. Norman said:

"People are like this, always. They are narrow-minded like the topicstarter and most of the crowd who replied, too stupid to figure out how it is possible, and too protective for their tiny, narrow-minded world by refusing to even think."

Well, why don't you explain to us fools how exactly wooden knobs can demonstrably improve the sound of an otherwise unaltered stereo system...you know, since you're so much smarter and open-minded than the rest of us. It's OK to use small words so that we simpletons can follow what you say, by the way.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Dec 07, 2006  at  01:13 AM
This is a very nice Wooden Knobs wish he all the best.
Posted by Martina  in  Australia  on  Sat Aug 09, 2008  at  12:10 AM
This seems like it should be a joke,
Posted by Martina  on  Thu Aug 21, 2008  at  03:42 AM
This one is absolute bullshit. Knobs make absolutely no difference. Top of the line guitar amps and speakers use plastic knobs for a reason - they don't matter!

What creates better sound is the source (cassette vs. CD), the type of wood the speakers are made out of, the speakers themselves (2-way vs 3-way, woofer size, all components working?), speaker cable vs. wire used (cable sounds better), having the proper ohms and voltage, how EQ and loudness are used, etc.

As others have said, this is a cash grab, will likely make a plastic stereo look like shit and would never pass a double blind test.
Posted by Brandon  in  Canada  on  Tue Jun 30, 2009  at  12:24 AM
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