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You’ve Won A Bench
What is it about park benches that some people find so funny? True, their comedic potential doesn't rival that of garden gnomes. But still, there definitely is an odd tradition of park-bench prankery. For instance, there's the time that legendary prankster Hugh Troy "stole" a park bench from Central Park. And now we have 'Congratulations You have Won a Bench', in which two guys knock on the doors of random people and inform them that they've won a bench. Bewilderment ensues.
Categories: Pranks
Posted by The Curator on Sun Dec 12, 2004
Eh...not the funniest bench story I've ever seen.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Sun Dec 12, 2004  at  03:07 PM
This is funny,i would so do this.I may give it a try in time,yes,i will
Posted by Cam  in  Canada  on  Sun Dec 12, 2004  at  03:16 PM
...That was... different. Reminded a bit of a bad Monty Python skit without the punchline. Kept my dorm-mate up though... Always a plus.
Posted by Fay-Fay  on  Mon Dec 13, 2004  at  03:13 AM
my school used to have the most comfortable benches ever (either that, or the crusty pavement was the only comparison) so me and my friends stole one, and put it in our closest friend's treehouse. we always sat on the floor afterwards anyways but it was the thought that counted . . . i guess rolleyes
Posted by Ariel  on  Mon Dec 13, 2004  at  09:13 PM
You know, I could use a good bench for my patio. How do I sign up for the contest?
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Tue Dec 14, 2004  at  08:23 PM
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