Woman Swallows Balloon

image My guess is that this video clip is real (the banner ads on the site that hosts the movie probably aren't safe for work, but the clip itself is safe). It's the kind of stunt that circus performers, sword swallowers, etc. have done for ages. It's still pretty bizarre to watch, however. I think the clip has been doing the rounds for a couple of years because I vaguely remember seeing it a long time ago.


Posted on Wed May 18, 2005


That balloon seems to go down way to easily...
Posted by Smerk  on  Wed May 18, 2005  at  01:39 AM
Maybe she's using lube. 😊
Posted by Charybdis  on  Wed May 18, 2005  at  07:32 AM
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed May 18, 2005  at  08:29 AM
I saw that on T.V. once, first the person swallowed a balloon, then hocked it thru her nose, and then blew it up that way. Then she pulled it back through, then swallowed it a little...

I can't view the clip (blocked at work - Sexually Explicit), but if it's like anything like I saw before, I'd say it's real.
Posted by Maegan  on  Wed May 18, 2005  at  09:41 AM
Swallowing a balloon is obviously possible, but it's a dangerous game. If you can't get it out again, you could get a fatal intestinal blockage (this has been known to happen with animals eating balloons and plastic bags).
Posted by Big Gary in Dallas  on  Wed May 18, 2005  at  06:32 PM
Posted by Mark-N-Isa  on  Wed May 18, 2005  at  06:51 PM
Remember seeing that. Think it was Howard Stern show or some similar pinnacle of good taste and decorum.

Not *that* hard, with lots of practice, I suppose.
Posted by Bobcat  on  Wed May 18, 2005  at  07:59 PM
Huuuhhhh hhhuuuuuhhhh
You said hard.
Posted by Butthead  on  Wed May 18, 2005  at  11:52 PM
I wonder if people would be as fascinated by the muscular control if it was a man doing the balloon swallowing?
Posted by tina smith  on  Thu May 19, 2005  at  09:05 AM
I know how its done, I'm a magician tee hee.
Sorry though its a secret. Oh you don't really put it down your throat...
Posted by davetolomy  on  Thu May 19, 2005  at  11:52 AM
I concur with the magician. Anyone who teuly believes that the baloon traveled down her throat needs to be comitted to a psychiatric institution...or just lock themselves in their room...
Posted by Madison Marbury  on  Thu May 19, 2005  at  01:43 PM
It's real... the balloon is swallowed. Granted, the person doing it is taking a risk... but swallowing it (letting it slide down the throat) is nothing new! Has anyone seen an adult movie in the past 5 years???

Madison Marbury??? Why wouldn't you believe it? Have you never seen the x-ray images of the "sword swallowers?" It is totally possible on done all the time...
Posted by Mark-N-Isa  on  Thu May 19, 2005  at  06:59 PM
I wonder how dangerous it is if the balloon pops when it's in your throat.

People swallow balloons all the time, it's just that usually they are filled with cocaine....

Yeah, you're right Madison, anyone who would believe something that is eminently possible and jusr barely out of the ordinary is clearly insane. Are you sure you're not a magician too? You're smug and obnoxious enough.
Posted by Barghest  on  Thu May 19, 2005  at  08:01 PM
The end that she puts in her mouth has been specially prepared to slowly 'leak' air rather than pop when punctured (you remember the scotch tape on the balloon trick.) The air simply empties into her nasopharynx and out her nose, while the balloon shrivels up in her mouth. Been there. Done that.
Posted by How It's Done  on  Fri May 20, 2005  at  09:11 PM
Good guess. It's the far end that leaks the air; the mouth end naturally deflates first. You end up with a shriveled up balloon in your mouth, which is why the magic ho never says 'tada'. Still, I'd put a Xanax bar in her martini anyday.
Posted by Close  on  Tue May 24, 2005  at  01:04 AM
Well, now that a few of oyu have ruined it by trying to figure out the trick, I can tell you a little something about it as a balloonist. First, it is a really cool trick that should NEVER be performed in front of children. And secondly, at the end of the ruitine, the balloon is still in her mouth. She probably spits it out at 'cut.' None-the-less, she is still hot. So, I'd like to see Mark and Jen try to swallow or deep-throat a fully-inflated ballon. It cuts off the airway and if it pops, it can spasim your innerds and stop you from breathing. lol, so... would suck for them.
Posted by Balloonist  on  Thu May 26, 2005  at  12:39 PM
yeah, but what about this one?
Posted by hmm  on  Sat Jun 24, 2006  at  10:34 PM
Here's a dude swallowing it all the way to the tip, then pulls the entire thing out again, completely inflated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Unokshb-Jag&search=baloon%20eating
Posted by qman  on  Thu Jul 06, 2006  at  03:15 AM
I have seen a drag magician, Cashetta, perform this trick. I know him personally and unfortuantely, will not tell anyone how it's done.
Posted by Julie Bean  on  Thu Jul 20, 2006  at  12:38 PM
So nice to see so many so interested!! Howard would be proud. It's not a trick. The balloon travels. Why did you think my eyes were tearing after each time I did it? Hell, that was a contributing factor in the size of my engagement ring! Any one has questions , I will answer. Just post 'em here. 😉
Posted by Dallas Deepthroat  on  Fri Dec 14, 2007  at  09:40 AM
How do you explain this one???

Posted by Amy  on  Fri Dec 28, 2007  at  04:48 PM
fielding west teaches this (and pulling the balloon back out) on his lecture dvd. google it. he's a magician.
Posted by Shawn  on  Fri Feb 15, 2008  at  07:15 AM
qman, I think he just plays the video backwards, so that it looks like he is pulling out the balloon again...
Posted by Marolle  on  Sat May 09, 2009  at  06:02 AM
That looks really Awesome
Posted by Maxwell Graham  on  Fri Nov 06, 2009  at  08:40 AM
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