Woman Breastfeeds Puppy

If this story was in some other paper, like the Weekly World News, I'd dismiss it as a tall tale, but the material on stuff.co.nz is usually fairly reliable. They report about a (human) mother who has taken to breastfeeding her puppy. What I find interesting is that the reporter took the initiative to interview an anthropology professor about what this woman is doing (or claiming to be doing), and got this interesting nugget of information: "Victoria University associate professor of anthropology Jeff Sissons said he was familiar with a practice among women from Papua New Guinea hill tribes who breastfed pigs, but he had not heard of any other instance of a human breastfeeding another species." Next time I'm at a cocktail party I'm going to try casually mentioning that little gem of trivia.

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Posted on Wed Nov 17, 2004


I was wondering if that automatic word-censoring feature of the software actually worked. I guess it does.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Wed Nov 17, 2004  at  05:55 PM
There was an odd girl in my high school who claimed to have breastfed a kitten, but I always figured she was just trying to get attention.

I still think I'm right.
Posted by Aaron  on  Wed Nov 17, 2004  at  06:09 PM
Reminds me of the picture with the Tori Amos album, "Boys for Pele":
Posted by Carol  on  Wed Nov 17, 2004  at  06:15 PM
I've seen photos of young women in the Andes breastfeeding lambs and kids (the goat kind of kids). One anthropology book says that this is sometimes done when a young animal is orphaned.
A woman of my acquaintance told me breastfeeding her children was a fantastically pleasurable experience; so why go to all the trouble of having children? Puppies and piglets are easier to care for. Besides, if the pig gets tiresome later, you can always have bacon.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Wed Nov 17, 2004  at  06:40 PM
The only thing that gives me paws is that the woman in question is 2 months pregnant. I thought milk production ceased when another pregnancy began or at least turned unpalatable?
Posted by Karen  on  Thu Nov 18, 2004  at  06:01 AM
No, the milk reverts back to colostrum, the nutrient-filled thicker liquid that is only available for the first few days after a birth (or during pregnancy). Within a few days of birth the milk 'comes in', and looks more like cows milk. I know some moms that were nursing toddlers right thru pregnancy...probably because it was more a comfort at this stage than nutritional. And essentially all women could breastfeed without having been pregnant. Moms who adopt children have been known to use a little contraption that has a skinny tube that is taped to the skin near the breast so that it falls into the baby's mouth (so that baby's mouth is around the nipple). When the baby sucks, the tube (which is attached to a bag of formula) releases liquid, which gets the child to continue 'nursing' until the body figures out what's going on & starts milk production on its own. Other moms have started nursing after first deciding they wanted to bottle-feed, but changed their mind.

(I had to hire a lactation consultant to help me get breast-feeding started after a C-section. She was very knowledgeable.)
Posted by Maegan  on  Thu Nov 18, 2004  at  08:11 AM
There's such a thing as lactation consultants??? No shit? I think I found my new career.
Posted by Craig  on  Thu Nov 18, 2004  at  10:12 AM
Yeah, my husband (stupidly) said that he was going to become a Lactation Consultant. So I threw a dipaer at him. Fortunately for him, I have bad aim.

Craig, just remember, the whole time you're staring at boobs, you'll be listening to a hungry baby wail. Don't forget the part where new you're usually looking at a post-pregnancy body...riddled with stretch marks.
Posted by Maegan  on  Thu Nov 18, 2004  at  10:40 AM
...and that woman probably could have used a nipple shield for the 'nipples too big' problem. Or just pumped.
Posted by Maegan  on  Thu Nov 18, 2004  at  10:44 AM
The woman is now under psychiatric care.

Posted by Andy  on  Thu Nov 18, 2004  at  03:28 PM
Re breastffeding while pregnant:
Brestfeeding will supposedly prevent the resumption of ovulation, and hence conception, for a while, but it isn't considered a very reliable method of contraception. In fact, I know at least two people who depended on this principle for pregnancy prevention, and as a result each had a second baby less than a year after the first.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Thu Nov 18, 2004  at  06:22 PM
I think this is a picture of this bizarre news (news?):

They seem to be screencaps from a TV show. The japanese caption (probably of the TV show) says something like "Sucking, it won't leave her".
Posted by Kentaro Mori  on  Thu Nov 18, 2004  at  10:54 PM
Oh. The image I pointed out was as it seems of _another_ Japanese woman breastfeeding a cat, not a dog. This is all more bizarre than I thought.
Posted by Kentaro Mori  on  Thu Nov 18, 2004  at  10:57 PM
The second caption on the pic Kentaro refers to says (in Spanish): "Yes to mother's milk."
It's not often that you find bilingual inscriptions in Japanese and Spanish.
That feline is an adult cat, not a kitten. It would have been weaned (from its own mother) a long time ago.
I've heard that many adult cats are lactose intolerant, so Kitty may be throwing up in the next picture (not shown).
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Fri Nov 19, 2004  at  12:03 PM
Something that happens when people think that breastfeeding is also birth control...Irish Twins! Baby's born within 12 months of each other. Of the books that I read that were written in at least the last 5 years...all of them has a section on birth control while nursing, and they go over the fact that you CAN get pregnant while nursing! Some mothers do have to lessen the feedings, others have to stop completely...but this is the exception, not the rule. I also know moms whose cycles returned to normal, even though they were exclusively breastfeeding (no formula or food supplements).
Posted by Maegan  on  Sun Nov 21, 2004  at  10:00 AM
Maegan, are you saying there are actually people who WANT to get pregnant again while they are still nursing the last baby?????
Wow, and I thought I was crazy. ...
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Mon Nov 22, 2004  at  12:32 PM
Kentaro you idiot the woman mentioned in this is Maori, not Japanese. There is a (huge) difference you twit.

The story is true - it was also on the front of the paper in Hastings (Hawkes Bay Today). It was on the paper's website but I can't find it anymore.
Posted by T  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  03:15 AM
I want see pictures woman breastfeeding baby
lambs & kids the goat kind.
Posted by Don King  on  Sun Jun 26, 2005  at  01:50 AM
Thing is, don't we find it a BIT freaky that some women seem to get real pleasure in breastfeeding animals?
What next? Where does it end?
Posted by Douggie Howzer  on  Sat Nov 05, 2005  at  09:31 AM
I have a couple of pictures of a young lady nursing a puppy to her breast. The puppy's mother would not nurse the puppy, so the lady breastfed the pup until it could eat solid food. I have pics but don't know how to go about posting them. Any suggestions?
Posted by Robert  on  Fri Dec 29, 2006  at  02:26 PM
Hmm, are we sure we would actually want to see pictures of that?
Posted by Charybdis  on  Fri Dec 29, 2006  at  03:09 PM
i breastfeed my boyfriend and i love it
Posted by just me  on  Wed Sep 09, 2009  at  02:55 PM
I breastfed my husky pup,it was an awesome feeling and felt so sexy.We are both so close now
Posted by Mary  on  Mon Nov 02, 2009  at  04:04 PM
Does that woman want to breastfeed a puppy? Its all her choice. No law is being broken. and she's not causing any harm to anyone. The pup will just suck her breasts for the milk. Her nipples are the way to get to her milk and hopefully, she bears no pain in the process. What is ghastly is what is in our minds towards the act. Not the act itself. After all, butchering and slaughtering little pigs, lambs, goat kids, deer etc is far worse than a woman putting a baby piglet to her breasts especially when no other options are available. Whats the crime done if her breasts are going to save its life?
Posted by Gerard Simons  on  Tue Nov 23, 2010  at  01:58 AM
Well most of the people freaking out about this are americans. This has been going on forever. Sort of like being gayis not new despite alot of americans having attitudes about it. In the United States we are way too concerned about what other people do with their bodies. Breast are not sex organs so its not like their practicing beastiality so it really does not matter. In the United States women's breast are way oversexualized.
Posted by davy  on  Sun May 27, 2012  at  01:56 AM
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