Woman discovers the guy she met online wasn’t really a Sonics star

Another case of an impostor is in the news. A woman in Somerville, Mass. thought she was dating Jeff Turner, a former basketball player for the Washington Seattle Sonics. Turns out she was actually dating an impostor named Ronnie Craven. Craven's cover was blown when the woman became suspicious, tracked down the real Jeff Turner, and called him. Craven admits to the hoax, but says he only did it to impress the woman. In other words, he claims he was only trying to benefit sexually, not financially, from the scheme. However, it appears he had also been telling friends and even his hometown newspaper that he worked for the Sonics. From seattlepi.com:

"I'll admit, it was a hoax," Craven said Monday. "It was all a put-on. But somebody who I met on a dating site is trying to sabotage me. This is some broad that I lied to who said I did identity theft, (and) I am not going to know what hit me. There was no intimacy in the relationship. I never tapped her."...
Craven insisted he would stop lying about his identity. He said this situation would damage his reputation in Somerville. He said he was merely lying to impress a woman, nothing more. But this time his game went too far.
"To be honest with you, this whole thing has already taken its toll," he said.
"I know my credibility doesn't look so great right now. This is embarrassing for me. At this point, I don't know what to do. I will say this is very, very disturbing."

You gotta love how guys like Craven (which is a perfect name for him) rationalize their deception. He figures it was okay to lie to the woman because he hadn't "tapped her."

Impostors often pose as sports stars. Just a few months ago I posted about a guy who, for decades, pretended to be Red Sox's pitcher Bill Henry. Not even his wife knew the truth. (Thanks, Joe)

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Posted on Thu Jun 05, 2008


Who are the "Washington Sonics"???? The only team I know of called "Sonics" are the Seattle SuperSonics (soon to move to Oklahoma and become their problem).
Posted by Laura  on  Thu Jun 05, 2008  at  10:15 AM
This guy is gold! "I never tapped her..." I couldn't stop laughing at that line.
Posted by DC  on  Thu Jun 05, 2008  at  11:29 AM
Hey, the broad was STUPID enough to believe the fellow in the first place, which indicates SHE was willing to SWALLOW anything this guy shoved in her face... If she's THAT desperate for a celebrity, that she'll take someone at his word, she deserved to be duped. I mean, c'mon, how could she FALL for a guy just cause of his name (when she OBVIOUSLY didnt even know what the guy really looked like that she was falling for)???
Posted by Christopher  on  Thu Jun 05, 2008  at  04:04 PM
The Sonics??? Ain't they the ones that work at that hotdog and burger joint???
Posted by Christopher  on  Thu Jun 05, 2008  at  04:05 PM
Ronnie Craven should run for mayor.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Thu Jun 05, 2008  at  07:21 PM
This story is a lot bigger than impressing some woman. This guy was strutting around town telling everyone he was Jeff Turner. The embarassing local "independent" paper (this "paper" is a complete joke and vanity press--a true embarassment to the community) even ran a story on him. When I first saw the picture (having foolishly read the story a few months ago) I immediately thought "isn't that the Sonic guy who comes to Sommerville."

I wish I could say this guy was a media hoaxer but he is just some wannabe and a serial liar. But far more disturbing is the local press that ate up the really thin lies.


Posted by Floormaster Squeeze  on  Thu Jun 05, 2008  at  08:28 PM
Hmm. From the Somerville News article you linked to:
However, News staffers were not the only ones suckered by Craven's trickery. This week Craven admitted he lied to dozens of people in the city - including his wife and his brothers - about his NBA job.

He's got a wife? Just when you thought he couldn't be more of a tool.
Posted by Erica  on  Wed Jun 11, 2008  at  08:16 AM
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