Woman discovers husband isn’t a doctor

Tammi Parteet was worried since she hadn't heard from her husband. So she decided to call him at Piedmont Hospital, where he worked as a doctor. WSBTV.com relates what happened next:

She called him on his Piedmont cell phone, the one he told her was for emergencies. A staff member picked up. "I said, 'I'm trying to locate my husband, Dr. Perteet.' And she said, 'Dr. who? We don't have a Dr. Perteet.' And she says, 'Are you talking about the guy that had this cell phone?' And I said 'yes.' And she says, 'Oh, he was arrested last night for impersonating a doctor,'" Tammi Perteet said.

Although her husband is now in jail, he still maintains he really is a doctor... and an electrical engineer as well. Sounds like he's also a skilled actor. (Thanks, Joe)

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Posted on Mon Jun 02, 2008


It's been awhile since we've had a Great Impostor type in the news. Nice going, "Dr." Perteet.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Jun 03, 2008  at  01:41 AM
We've had such a story in France a few years ago, but the end was much, much worse. A guy named Jean-Claude Romand had his family believe that he was a doctor working at the WHO. Actually, he had begun his medical studies but never completed them, he was jobless and lived with his in-laws' money (they trusted him with their bank accounts). But one day, he realised it could not go on any longer. So, in 1993, after 18 years, he killed his family and then killed himself. This was made into a movie: "L'adversaire" ("The Adversary", Nicole Garcia, 2002).
Posted by Christophe Thill  on  Tue Jun 03, 2008  at  02:21 AM
So, if he's not a doctor then I wonder what he does actually do for a living, if anything. He had to have been getting money from somewhere, as doctors are well paid.
Posted by DC  on  Tue Jun 03, 2008  at  11:26 AM
There is a local guy...Adam somethingorother that was just arrested for this.
Posted by Maegan  on  Tue Jun 03, 2008  at  11:32 AM
i know this guy. he told us a sad story about how his wife which no one including his parents ever met, had been raped and murdered in a parking lot. Sad. i even a ttendede a memorial service for his son who suddenly took ill and died. his parents, alive and well, were there too but had never met this child either. thats because Poor thing never even existed. but before we knew that, his second son came down with the same mysterious illness but had a surprising turn around. by this time i had too many conflicting stories about him, lies about his age, another wife- who really DID exist. he'd told different of my friends he'd had a master's degree, worked construction, taught truck driving, worked a light pole, had been a public speaker, and worked accounting. He stole sympathy, about $6000+ from friends and possibly, a young lady's virtue- his YOUNG naive former fiancee, all the while dating a friend of hers across town and making overtures toward and eyeing , with his one good eye, another friend right under her nose. He got money from ComEd under false pretenses as well, having been paid while on bereavement leave for his fake dead son. he came loaded with fake papers as well. He's a good con artist, he even fooled a friend who had known him and his family when Perteet was a child- perteet took this friends Jaguar and totalled it. I'd been wondering what happened to the Jag. I say good riddance to BAD BAD TRASH.
Posted by tyreanne  on  Tue Jun 03, 2008  at  11:46 AM
Christophe: Interesting story - first I'd heard of it. But, if Wikipedia is correct (big grain of salt there), he's still alive and in prison (for life).
Although the article says he did intentionally overdose on barbiturates and plan on dying in the fire he set after killing everyone, but he was rescued by the firefighters.
Posted by Kevin  on  Tue Jun 03, 2008  at  05:36 PM
I play Doctor now and then. Say ahhh... wider
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Jun 03, 2008  at  10:05 PM
As to Jean-Claude Romand, I may have confused his real fate with the movie character's...
Posted by Christophe Thill  on  Wed Jun 04, 2008  at  03:22 AM
"... Sounds like he's also a skilled actor."

Not skilled enough, it seems.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Wed Jun 04, 2008  at  09:22 AM
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