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image Rumors of a new wireless iPod (i.e. no headphones cord) have begun floating around based upon this advertising poster that was supposedly "IM'd to a family member of a person working in an Asian PR firm by accident." Hmmm. Since I just got an iPod about two months ago, it would suck if a new and much better model came out so soon. But then again, that would be just my luck. However, I have a feeling that the advertising poster is just a fake.


Posted on Fri Jul 30, 2004


No one need invent a wireless iPod. Someone just needs to invent wireless headphones.
Posted by PlantPerson  on  Fri Jul 30, 2004  at  07:25 PM
There actually are wireless headphones, but so far i've only seen them limited to home use, not portable versions.

And by the way, supposedly an iPod's battery dies out after 18 months (not sure if that means consecutive months or what) and while it's possible to get a new battery, it's about 100 smackers.
Posted by Goodstuff  on  Sat Jul 31, 2004  at  04:17 AM
I saw that guerrilla video that was going around a few months ago about the 18-month iPod battery life, but I know a lot of people who've had their iPods longer than 18 months, and they're still going fine, so obviously people's experiences are going to vary. The basic fact is that iPods aren't cheap, any way you look at it. But they are cool gadgets, if you can afford them.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Sat Jul 31, 2004  at  11:57 AM
i dont see why they couldnt make it wireless, infact it would be a great idea- although someone could just pop on a bus with some bluetooth headfones and then start listening to your music via Ipod lol :D imagine that following someone roudn the city coz you like their music lmao.

Help Desk Software Consultant
Posted by Itil  on  Mon Aug 02, 2004  at  08:41 AM
The biggest tip-off that this is probabaly a fake is that he slogan "cut loose -- cable freedom" is so dull. Apple is pretty consistant about using short, simple, yet somewhat playfull and cocky slogans.

Incidentally, the battery thing isn't supposed to be an issue anymore. That was certain models (mine is older and is still going strong after almost 3 years), and Apple cheapened the replacement price due to the negative attention of the guerrilla video.
Posted by Nat  on  Mon Aug 02, 2004  at  09:55 AM
I do not have an IPod and have seen the ad mentioned which I think is fake.

However, I want to point out that Sony did have wireless cassette Walkman's in the early 1990's. They probably had more than that. Mine was purchased in Japan and given to me as a gift (it was not approved by the FCC in the US because of the frequency it was broadcasting at). I would occasionally get short messages overriding or interfering with the music (I think they were audio pager messages) in certain cities.

Wireless portable (unit to headphone, that is) is a lot more useful than it sounds. I would throw the unit in my bag and then listen to the headphones (which had it's own volume control on the little "receiver" thingy). This was very useful in getting in and out of public transport.
Posted by Floormaster Squeeze  on  Mon Aug 02, 2004  at  01:53 PM
Um, what's with the weird looking 'swishes' around the ipod (ie where the wires should be) ?

Fake fake fake.
Posted by Guesties  on  Mon Aug 02, 2004  at  04:10 PM
Umm it's not a wireless ipod the idea was that you ahve an ipod and it downloads music from people who have the same ipod software using a modified modem which can be carried with the ipod
Posted by Jeracoo Lestq  on  Tue Aug 03, 2004  at  12:55 AM
True, if the "wireless"ness of the next iPod is Bluetooth, it is probabaly meant for wireless data transfers from your computer to the iPod, not for wireless headphones. While this is a pretty cool idea, the poster would still have to be fake, as it is showing wireless headphones.
Posted by Buggy  on  Tue Aug 03, 2004  at  12:14 PM
Once it's bluetooth-enabled, I'm sure you could do both: stream music to headphones or connect wirelessly to a computer or another iPod. Using bluetooth to swap music with other iPods would be cool, but I doubt apple would actually build in this feature. Using bluetooth to connect to your computer would be very slow compared to firewire.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Tue Aug 03, 2004  at  12:23 PM
What I want to see is a Bluetooth iPod playing music on my car's sound system. No messy cables. I listen to music on the road far more than anywhere else. Bluetooth Hands-Free is the way to go.
Posted by anEngineer  on  Wed Aug 04, 2004  at  11:48 PM
The most valuable feature of a bluetooth ipod, for me, would not be the wireless headset, it would be wireless control of the unit from my steering wheel controls and title readout on my nav system while streaming music into the car stereo. Now THAT would be amazing...
Posted by limesparks  on  Mon Jun 13, 2005  at  08:08 PM
they have wireless headphones, they just cost a crapload, pro musicians use them. - and the thing is headphones cost a crapload of money to sound decent. and then decent + wireless round to being around 3grand or more. quite pricey and you need a transmitter too generally and that's the thing that is too beefy to fit in your pocket. you'll find a cable is nicer at that length, there's no need for wireless
Posted by copenhagen  on  Wed Jul 13, 2005  at  03:43 PM
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