Wild Goose Chase

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I'm not quite sure what's going on in this story, but it's not often that a wild goose chase literally happens, so I thought it was worth posting. Chris Kaye reports for KSL local news in Utah:
Officers pulled over a car fitting the description of one allegedly used to swipe a goose from the Utah Botanical Gardens. Sergeant John Spencer says when he looked inside the vehicle, he found everyone inside was obeying traffic laws.
"The goose was in the front seat and was seat belted in. It had a seatbelt across it to protect the bird I guess," says Spencer. Davis County dispatchers got a good chuckle out of the call.
So did the dispatcher send Sergeant Spencer to pull over the car with the goose as a joke? Or had some people really stolen a goose from the Utah Botanical Gardens? And if so, why?

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Posted on Sat Jun 10, 2006


"...And if so, why?"

Christmas dinner?
Posted by Big Gary  in  Muleshoe, Texas, USA  on  Sat Jun 10, 2006  at  03:40 PM
I love that the goose had it's seatbelt on! That's so cute! LOL
Posted by Nettie  in  Perth, Western Australia  on  Sat Jun 10, 2006  at  07:08 PM
The TV news reports included dash cam from the police vehicle. And a statement that the suspect had recently suffered the death of his beloved pet goose. He apparently stole the goose because it "looked lonely."
Posted by Patrick Clark  in  Salt Lake City, UT  on  Tue Jun 13, 2006  at  09:04 AM
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