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Where Is My Gnome, Part 2
A lot of people have been emailing me to let me know that the Where Is My Gnome site is part of a viral web campaign by Travelocity, but I've been too busy and never got around to updating that entry. But here's an article that explains the Gnome campaign.
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jan 08, 2004

The garden gnome stunt was a running gag in the French film "Amelie" (2001).
Posted by Rebecca  in  Brooklyn, NY  on  Thu Nov 25, 2004  at  10:39 AM
interesting that this little blurb links to a miami herald story which i couldn't get up, but years ago i remember (and this could have been as long as 15 or 20 years ago) hearing on the news a story about a garden gnome that had been stolen from a florida couple's yard.. soon they began receiving photos the of the gnome from around the world.. they didn't know who had taken it.. eventually the gnome showed back up in their yard, if i remember correctly..
Posted by kit  on  Sun Apr 08, 2007  at  12:45 PM
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