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When To Stop Tanning
imageHere's a picture that I got in my email, which is appropriate for these hot summer days. Not to be negative about sun worshippers, but it's pretty gross. The woman's skin could have been made to look like that with photoshop, but I suspect the image hasn't been manipulated because I know that there are people whose skin really looks like this.
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Posted by The Curator on Wed Jul 20, 2005

The scary part that no one has mentioned is that she probably isn't very old.

I'm comfortable with the fact that I will have wrinkles at 80, but i don't think this woman is 80. Tanning will make you look that way at 40 or 50, especially if you are naturally fair skinned. Don't do it!! That doesn't mean you have to stay inside all the time, I just use suncreen and a hat or parasol when I go to the beach smile
Posted by Rachel  on  Mon Jan 24, 2011  at  01:03 AM
oops, i guess someone did mention that, i missed the second page of comments. :p but Nanc you are exactly right, that is the result of tanning not age!
Posted by Rachel Morgan Krieger  on  Mon Jan 24, 2011  at  01:07 AM

My product guarantees that no one will look like this no matter what amount of exposure they get to the UV rays.

Not a tan lotion
Posted by Charl  in  South Africa  on  Fri Feb 18, 2011  at  04:30 AM
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