What Happens When Dogs Attack a Bull

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This series of images of two pit bulls attacking a bull are a couple of months old (though they're new to me). They recall those images of a mule attacking a mountain lion. Despite looking rather surreal (especially that one of the dog suspended in air above the bull), not to mention bizarre (what were the dogs thinking?), they are real. This scene occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, outside of New Orleans, when the two pit bulls, crazed with hunger, decided that a bull would make a great dinner. They were wrong. A reporter for the Sunday Telegraph witnessed the scene:

Like a wrestling tag team, the bitch and the dog attacked with awesome ferocity, leaping at the bull's head and latching on to its muzzle. The stricken bull repeatedly shook the dogs off, flinging them up to 15 feet in the air. But they took turns to keep up the attack, exhausting the bull which was by now smeared with blood. Even after the bull trampled the bitch, leaving it dazed, the dog stepped up its attack... It was too dangerous for an unarmed witness to intervene but The Sunday Telegraph flagged down a National Guard truck. Seeing what was happening, a soldier shot the bitch in the head. The dog paused before resuming the attack. It took two bullets to stop it dead.

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Posted on Thu Feb 02, 2006


Retards, the lot of you.

First of all, this incident happened after the devasation of Katrina. Pretty much the city of New Orleans was a collapsed society. Domesticated animals ran wild through out and around the city. As you see in the picture, the bull is also wild with the dogs. The wolf comment is moronic. Any wolf, coyote, cogar, ect.. would of been shot doing the same act. If not for the destruction of property, the saftey of humans. That is why they shot the feral beasts (feral mean once domesticated then becoming wild as stated before). Wolves taking down a deer in the wild is nature. Pitbulls acting wild taking down a bull near humans causes fear. Humans act on fear and take down the threat. What gives you the right to judge the actions of the people involved in the first place? Witnessing the photos from a safe place such as your mother's basement after the fact gives you no persective of the incident. Remember, Katrina devestated a whole coast line. Human lives is the number one concern during this situation, not the dogs. The comparing humans to these dogs in the same circumstance is also idiotic. Starving, we will kill lower beast but never with this much violence. Some people will even find alternatives. Hence, why we are omnivores. What a fool to think that the photogapher was standing witnessing the event with out a escape route. The dogs were too focused on the kill to engage the photographer and at a great distance at that.

Please use statics and not your heart. I know not all pitbulls are violent, but I would never own one. "Studies indicate that pit bull-type dogs were involved in approximately a third of human DBRF (i.e., dog bite related fatalities) reported during the 12-year period from 1981 through1992, and Rottweilers were responsible for about half of human DBRF reported during the 4 years from 1993 through 1996....[T]he data indicate that Rottweilers and pit bull-type dogs accounted for 67% of human DBRF in the United States between 1997 and 1998. It is extremely unlikely that they accounted for anywhere near 60% of dogs in the United States during that same period and, thus, there appears to be a breed-specific problem with fatalities." With information like this, it is no wonder why the outcome came as it did. Next time you encounter an incident like this, please feel free to open a can of Alpo and call the cute little puppies over.
Posted by George  in  USA  on  Thu Aug 23, 2007  at  05:58 PM
I may be late to the feedback, but I have a good deal of experience and knowledge to contribute on the bulldog breed.

Point 1. Originally the bulldogs were bred exactly for this purpose. They were called butcher's dogs then. What the dogs are attempting to do is to get a nose hold on the bull which would hold the bull still long enough for the butcher to cut his throat.

Point 2. All dogs are biters unless they are dominated by their owners or caretakers. If they are allowed to dominate their owners they will wind up biting somebody.

Point 3. Bulldogs have earned a reputation as biters because of their irresponsible owners. The type of person it takes to put to lovable pets into a ring or pit to fight to the death is not likely the kind of person who will properly care for or even care to understand why a dog could become dangerous even to their owners. They would see aggressive behavior as a plus.

Point 4. Humanizing animals leads to all kinds of problems in our social environment where animals are included as part of our households. Please watch Ceasar Milan on the National Geographic channel or read one of his books, the latest being 'Be the Pack Leader'

Point 5. There have been many cases of dogs being shot in the head and not only surviving but continuing their excited behavior. Similar to the seritonin effect on the human brain, dogs experience a chemical event which limits the pain sensors when they are this excited.

Yes this looks very bad to the socialite's very civilized eye. However, in the animal world, this is normal and natural The bull or bovine is a natural prey for canine and feline animals. These may be domesticated animals, but they are animals and easily revert back to the wild given circumstances like the disaster of hurricane Katrina. It would have been extremely dangerous for any human to try to intervene in this situation, but after the animals were separated the dogs could have been brought back under human control quite easily. Ceasar calls this heightened state of excitement in dogs a red zone. Its very difficult to bring dogs back into a controllable condition until they are separated from whatever has brought them to this state. It was entirely unnecessary to kill them though.

My dad used this kind of dogs to do exactly what these dogs are doing to chase down and capture wild cattle in Oklahoma 40 years ago when I was a kid.
Posted by Bob  in  Orange county in the Los Angeles basin  on  Sat Oct 13, 2007  at  10:17 PM
I see nothing wrong with this article and pictures, until the end, when the soliders shot the animals. As someone above said, no one would have stepped in at all if it would have been wolves/coyotes and a deer. Instead of shooting the dogs, why not just feed them?!

As for the APBT haters out here, I disrespectfully have to disagree with your opinions. As a long time voluenteer at countless humane societies, rescues, and zoos; not to mention my years of working in my Vet's office, I have never once been bitten by an American Pit Bull Terrier. OTOH, I have been bit over 30 times, by various breeds, including chihuahuas, poms, poodles, schnauzers, border collies, labs, goldens, boxers, cocker spaniels, one GSD, and one unfortunate bite from my breed of choice, a Doberman.

I currently am owned by 1 cat and 3 canines, including a mini schnauzer, a beagle, and a pit bull mix. Out of all of them, my pit mix is by far the most docile, gentle and social. I fostered him and 3 other litter mates, and found them great homes. He has been extensively socialized since a young age, and now at the ripe age of 9yrs old, he has NO bite record at all. He is an avid agility dog, as well as has his CGC, and we work with our local school district to show children the proper way to interact with animals.

Please also remember there is a distinct difference between animal agression and human agression.

Lastly, there were COUNTLESS bites and issues with the various collies on the set of Lassie, but never once any problems with the APBT named Petey from The Little Rascal's.

Sgt Stubby was also the United States first decorated war dog, and he was an APBT.

Please refer to Diane Jessup's site, for more info, on pit bulls and their working applications in today's society.
Posted by Christy  in  Wherever the Army takes us...  on  Sun Oct 21, 2007  at  09:33 PM
To Corey in Indy....

You my "friend" are an idiot! APBT's have NO such thing as "lock jaw". IT'S A MYTH, a HOAX and retarded at best. Also, if you know ANYTHING about the history of APBT, you would know your statement about cropped/docked animals is false as well. If you look at pictures of pit fighting APBT's, you will see they for the most part ALL were natural. The ears are left intact to give the other dog a non lethal target, and the tail of an APBT is NEVER docked unless injury dictates it.

You would be wise to retract that statement and never remember the phrase "lock jaw" in conjunction with pit bulls again.

To Gwen in Chesapeake....

Since when do T-bone steaks come ready to pick off a tree? It's funny that you call Katie a stupid dummy head, when what she said is not as ignorant as your statement that humans are gatherers. We are DUAL, meaning HUNTERS and GATHERERS! If you choose to berate someone for something to disagree with, make sure you back it up with fact, not nonsensical ramblings in order to make yourself seem smarter.

To George in the USA...

I have to yet again disagree. The national database for dog bite stats is as best flawed. You can not expect the average citizen of the US to be able to distinguish between breeds of dogs. Hell, most liscensed Animal Control officers and Vets can't even do it, and their jobs are animals! A dog bite happens and if you see a stocky headed med build dog of any color, the first thing people think of is pit bull! There are OVER 25 purebred dog breeds (not to mention COUNTLESS) mixed breeds that routinely get mistaken for a APBT. Some of those are rare, but most are fairly common in the USA.

Do me a favor and see what you come up with!



Posted by Christy  in  Wherever the Army takes us...  on  Sun Oct 21, 2007  at  09:52 PM
Posted by mhua  on  Wed Jan 16, 2008  at  06:30 PM
You all are a bunch of fucking idiots everybody knows that a dogs beheavor is a resolt of the owners traning and treating it.I can't belive none of you "experts" knew this.
Posted by vjahbufi  in  troy  on  Mon Jan 21, 2008  at  02:46 PM
we know that don't lock it a term use to let people know how strong the jaws of the pits is stupid ass
Posted by clyde  in  Monticello,Ms  on  Mon Feb 04, 2008  at  09:57 AM
I saw those pics several years before Katrina. In the set I saw the dogs were purposefully set to attack the cow just to see what would happen.
Posted by Shovelheads  on  Thu Feb 14, 2008  at  12:59 PM
Owning any kind of animal means responsability. Unfortunately, people forget that breeds such as pitbulls or in fact any other could get dangerous in some situations for other living creatures and doh... humans. If you get a pitbull, you must have a lot of experience in dealing with dogs. It's good guard dog especially for children of which it becomes strongly attached, but if it feels threatened or/and has been traumatised during his life (some people call that training), it will attack if stressed, and therefore we see tragedies that are unfortunately very frequent lately. I for one would not buy a pitbull if would not have the time or the knowledge to raise it correctly. Outlawying the breed could be a possible solution, the other that I can think of would be psychiatric evaluation of future owners BEFORE they get one raspberry
Posted by Rapax  in  Bucharest  on  Sun Jun 08, 2008  at  07:41 AM
I am so tired of people talking crap about these awesome dogs. Its all about the he said she said bull. Your momma said these dogs are bad and actually you have no clue what the hell your talking about. Why don't you guys who have such a huge problem with these dogs do some research and get educated so u can reeducate your momma so she stops telling people crap lies. IGNORANCE IS CONTAGIOUS. So im going to reeducate you guys. GO to http://www.atts.org and look for your self. Look up American pitbull terrier and see there percentage it is 84 PERCENT PASS RATE. That is huge. Of 586 pitbulls tested 494 passed that 92 failed pitbull tests. For some of you saying thats alot of bad pitbulls, WRONG. Lassie, remember sweet adorable lassie who saved just about everybody. Well in the same test they had 824 collies and 654 passed thats 170 dogs failed (79 percent). So according to this collies temperament it is substantially worse. So i could say that collies are horrible dogs, wrong. Collies aren't horrible dogs they are great dogs and so are Pitbulls. These are real test to real dogs. Now some people say well Pitbulls attack and disfigure people, yes that is true. I can also say the adorable, child loving, loyal, friendly Labrador Retrievers that have received a golden ticket from society that keeps them out of just about any problem they get in to. Well if you Google Labrador Retriever attacks (i know i shouldn't of even Googled it i probably wouldn't of found any results.) Well i was wrong i found alot of attacks made by Labrador Retrievers many were fatal attacks. I asked myself why would such a lovable dog that scored a 91 percent on that temperament test attack and disfigure people just like pitbulls hhhmmmmmmmmmmm. And then it hit me, on almost every single attack made by a lab the owner who trained the dog was either an ex convict or some freak wanting to fight dogs training a dog. Could this be the same reason pitbulls attack other dogs and people. I believe that if a pitbull attacks a person the owner should be 100 percent responsible for the attack. I own 3 pitbulls and they care about people soooo much and are the most loyal dog i have ever meet. PLLEEEEEESSE guys give the pitbull a chance and dont spread more rumors and more he said she said.
Posted by Chuckybrewster  in  Niles, MI  on  Mon Jun 16, 2008  at  02:13 AM
True story.

My cousin in England, is middle-aged, mild in manner, 5-ft 7-in and weighs 160-lb.

He was taking his small West Highland Terrier for a walk when he was approached by a
very large biker with extensive tattoos and wearing in leathers, wrap-around sunglasses
and a bandana headscarf. In addition, the man was accompanied by a large slavering pit-bull terrier with a spiked collar pulling strongly on a heavy leash. Adding to this the biker obviously had something to say to my cousin. A nightmare opened up.

"'ere," said the biker, "your dog could kill my dog"

Flustered and amazed at the statement my cousin stuttered a non-committal reply
"I don't think he would"

"Yes, 'e could" came the reply "'e could get caught in my dog's throat!"

So now you know how dangerous small dogs can be. Perhaps they should be banned.

Tim Moore
Posted by Tim Moore  in  Ottawa Canada  on  Wed Jul 23, 2008  at  03:14 PM
So what if those dogs were hungry. Look at what they were able to do to a bull. Just imagine what the what have done to a HUMAN BEING. Those soldiers did the right thing. They were there to protect civilians and that is what they did. Are you people idiots? It is easy for all you jerks to hide behind your monitor and make stupid comments defending the dogs because you were not there and do not realize that life and death decisions had to be made every day. The number one priority was defending human lives. Offer them food?!? I'd love to meet the pillow biting tool that made this comment. Why dont you try getting your head out of your ass. That goes for all of you tools. Get your priorities straight!
Posted by chris m  in  ny  on  Mon Feb 09, 2009  at  06:40 PM
this is very cruel....and u seen what happened to the dogs!
Posted by rachel  on  Sun Aug 09, 2009  at  05:32 PM
Any animal would struggle against a tag team attack from 2 pitbulls. Pitbulls are very strong dogs and their grip when they bite is like a vice.

Whether a Bull, Horse or even a Lion would find this attack a tough fight especially if the pitbulls are defending their territory or fighting to eat.

Posted by Steve Rankin  in  UK  on  Sat Apr 03, 2010  at  07:34 AM
to gwen we are hunter gathers first of all and if we were starving we would have killed the bull and ate him....predetors vs pray dumb ass
Posted by anthony  in  california  on  Sun Apr 11, 2010  at  12:03 AM
It is incredible that people are defending these animals with no fear of attacking a bull. The pit bull nutters are unbelievable. Animals that are that desperate, hungry, fearless, and strong represent and TREMENDOUS threat to people in the area, but just because its a pit bull, people are saying I bet if it was labradors...blah...blah...blah. Heck yeah, if labradors were attacking a BULL like that kill them. We don't want them around. Do you all have screws loose?
Posted by InTheWeeds  on  Tue Apr 20, 2010  at  05:41 PM
Chuckybrewster is wrong and ignorant and needs to educate himself.
The ATTS is a test designed to identify suitable dog candidates for bite work training. The test is designed to find dog candidates that are both bold and able to maintain focus in strange situations.

It was never designed to screen for suitability for companion animals. It significantly does not test for reactivity to dogs and other animals which is why pit avocates like it, why the dogs do well, and why it is meaningless.
Posted by Chuckie is ignorant  in  IL  on  Sun Jun 20, 2010  at  10:04 AM
Those who said bad things about pit bull on the first comment are in lalala land My grandfather was attacked by a GOLDEN RETRIEVER yes he did go to the hospital and needed stitches. Don't you know is the person not the breed.
Posted by Kevin  on  Tue Jan 11, 2011  at  03:31 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have personally built a catapult to mimic the above picture second to the left. It is very hard to design such a catapult and have many months invested. However, the results have been spectacular. I will try to post pictures of the many test launches I have. I have been able to recently launch a pit bull a good 125 yards. Do not fret, I too place .45 caliber rounds into each pit's head at 850 feet per second after each launch. I have become very efficient in controlling this breed's population. The pups are the most aerodynamic and you should see them fly. Sometimes it is very hard to find some of the test subjects after launch. So if you see a little pit bull pup worming around on four broken legs, then stop by and say hi.
Posted by Jesus McDoomsday  in  Everywhere, USA  on  Tue Feb 08, 2011  at  01:32 PM
How come so many people are so ready to put their own children at stake in defence of these animals? And don
Posted by G.Nichols  on  Tue Feb 22, 2011  at  03:17 PM
Pit Bulls are dangerous dogs. Shooting them was the right thing to do to keep the person taking these photographs safe from them. If they were that hungry, they were a threat.

I get sick and tired of people who are animal lovers and pitbull-ophiles protesting that pit bulls are sweet dogs and not dangerous. The statistics say otherwise. The breed was specifically honed to be a dangerous breed of very strong, very aggressive animals. You don't read about chihuahuas attacking people and killing them, because they ARE NOT PIT BULLS.

What a bunch of dumb fucks.
Posted by Butch  on  Tue Mar 29, 2011  at  09:23 PM
poor starving pitbulls. i hope the soldier who shot them got his legs blown off in iraq, and then his family back home starved to death and he committed suicide because his dick got shot off. i love pitbulls they are so cudly but they are so tough and mean when they need to be
Posted by nate  in  pittsburgh  on  Mon May 23, 2011  at  10:42 AM
These dogs where probably starving to death so they did what mother nature told every living meat eating creature on this planet to do.Example take a wolf attacking sheep , they do this because they have no natural pray left or very little.I own 2 pit bulls , and it all depends on how you rase them,all pit bull attacks should be seen also from the dogs perspective , how where there raised and especialy socialized , you cannot expect from a dog witch has been kept locked into a kennel (fed through the fense ) or is tied up to a dog house with 2 m autonomie to behave especialy towards new things as children ore strangers anything but normaly !!!Most of the attacks happen with negleckted or misstreated dogs , and not just with pit bulls !!!Stop thinking that agressivity is in ones blood , its the same with humans , does it mean if you come frome a family that has had people that have been boxing that all thje children of this family are agressive ore that all of them will be boxing fore life ...I dont think so tongue wink

Another thing here in Transilvania is another missbeleav , that dogs like German sheppeard , doberman , Rotweilers , ore Pit bulls should be shot ore euthanised after having reached 9 years old bekause there are going to go Crazy , ore at least the probablity is high , i would like to hear the western opinnion on this mater , thanks in advance !
Posted by Lehel  in  Transilvania  on  Sat Jul 16, 2011  at  03:23 AM
Sorry for the Spelling !
Posted by Lehel  in  Transilvania  on  Sat Jul 16, 2011  at  03:24 AM
Oh yes and an other question did you think that the Bull has survived ,ore has he also starved to death , ore what did they do after they have *saved* him ? Bring him to a shelter ?
I woud have been normal to lure the dogs away with some food then to decide about their behavior , then to take action , the Stupid reporter Stoped the vehicle of the Army they probably would have watched the show from the distance, but they have made the right choise buy taking 2 lifes in stead of saving 3. Congrats !
Posted by Lehel  in  Transilvania  on  Sat Jul 16, 2011  at  03:38 AM
Cut ears or bobbed tails...oh please. I've seen fighting pits with natural ears and all of them have natural tails! Those are just starving dogs attacking a cow because they're hungry. That's all.
Posted by Ted  in  Wichita, KS  on  Wed Aug 28, 2013  at  01:28 PM
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