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image Earth2012 this month announced the launch of a major new project: they're going to build a water-fueled car. And they're soliciting donations to help them achieve this ambitious dream. Of course, a water-fueled car might raise a few skeptical eyebrows, but Earth2012 says the science behind their project is all very sound. The tank of their car will be filled up with water, but the water will then be converted onboard into hydrogen. So it's really a hydrogen-powered car, not a water-powered one. And hydrogen-powered cars, of course, already exist.

What makes my hoax detector start ringing when I read about their project is their description of the onboard water-to-hydrogen conversion process. From what I understand, it takes quite a bit of energy to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. This has always been one of the major stumbling blocks on the road to a hydrogen economy (the cost of producing hydrogen). But Earth2012 says that it has developed a 'revolutionary way of creating hydrogen from water.' This involves vibrating the water at exactly the correct frequency, thereby causing the water to easily separate into oxygen and hydrogen.

Maybe Earth2012 really has developed this revolutionary new process, though the details they provide about it are awfully sketchy. But it all sounds an awful lot like a water-as-fuel hoax, of which there have been many in the past... one of the weirdest being Guido Franch's claims back in the 70s that he had developed a cheap green powder that, when added to water, transformed the water into gasoline. Franch gave a few demonstrations of his powder, though never under scientifically controlled conditions, and his credibility took a bit of a blow when he confessed that the secret of the powder had been given to him by a group of spacemen from the planet Neptune. The Straight Dope has an article about Franch if you're interested in reading more about him.

Update: Parazyte has provided a link to an article (in English) about Daniel Dingel, a Filipino man who claims that he invented a water-powered car back in 1969. The rest of the site is in German, but click here to see a video of Mr. Dingel driving around in his watercar.

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Posted on Mon Jul 12, 2004


Can we run our car with water and gas?
Can anybody tell me is the HHO Gas is real working or is another scam?
Posted by johnandrews52  in  California  on  Thu Jun 19, 2008  at  06:16 AM
Hi, John

There are several kits avaliable just search for 'water car kit':

A recent conference in Canada revealed a company producing units that seperated Hydrogen from water, a diswasher sized unit, that were comercially available:




Hope this all helps.

Also check out the video at Channel 9 above.


Posted by KEith Harris  in  Australia  on  Thu Jun 19, 2008  at  06:02 PM
Hi, John,

Found a similar company producinmg an industrial unit that replaces acetlyne cutting tourches. if you look into Stanley Meyer's pages and videos you will find one that shows his technology [patented] doing the same thing.

It is a small step from an acetlyne torch to a motor car engine.



Posted by KEith Harris  in  Australia  on  Thu Jun 19, 2008  at  06:09 PM
In Sri Lanka a boy engineer has found a methode to break water to H2 and o2, very eazly, he runs his car by water around 80Km per leter of water
Posted by Anura Kumarasiri  in  Sri Lanka  on  Wed Jul 09, 2008  at  04:16 AM
Hi, Anura

Can you send details, URL or other info on Sri Lanka.
Am working on same idea.
Thanks. KH
Posted by Keith Harris  in  Australia  on  Wed Jul 09, 2008  at  07:45 PM
I've been reading through a lot of these comments. Let me just first say, it's very plausible. And for people who are talking about replacing spark plugs, maintence, etc, let me tell you this. Buy a tank of straight hydrogen, hook a hose up to the regular, and spray it directly into the top of ANY carb motor. The motor will work FLAWLESSLY with NO modification. Hydrogen gas completly takes the place of gas. The spark plugs ignite the hydro gas, regular combustion, no pollution, etc. And, for maintence, the motor will be in MUCH better shape - no carbon build up, etc. It will be clean. It's just water. Too many people argue on here though, there is no reason to keep arguing. It works. And it's possible. There is a list of people who have developed great ways to split H20. Keep working and researching. The answer will come.
Posted by Alex  in  Fort Collins, CO  on  Sat Oct 03, 2009  at  09:11 AM
Hi Guys,

Can water really be used as fuel?

Consider the basics:

water is 2H and one O that make it H20.
Electrolysis can separate it to 2H and Oxy.
Now we have the elements for combustion. Without
Oxygen anything cannot burn.
So, is it a hoax/no scientific proof?

Gasoline/fossil fuel:
Chemical formula is CnHm where n is the number of carbons and m the number of Hydrogens. This added with Oxygen from the engine air intake = combustion. But Carbon monixides, carbon dioxides, nitrous oxides (Nitrogen from air), lead oxide (lead from gasoline, unless unleaded) and other pollutants are by-products of this combustion.

On the other hand, burning H and O the by-product is H20 again...no pollutants! Isn't that incredible? Or you still believe it's a hoax.

They are correct, the energy needed to separate the bonds of H and O in H20 is much greater than the energy you will get when you burn the separated H and O. So the physicists or whatever you call them are right!
In simple terms, why go into business of buy and sell if you buy an item for 2 dollares and sell for 1.80 dollars? Your business will not grow!!!

Now, if you believe in those chemical facts about water and gasoline that both contains Hydrogen which in fact been used by NASA for their rockets to space, then processing water into engine fuel is not a hoax. But unprocessest water per se will not burn, and cannot run you car.

The only constraint to be overcome or the only challenge is to find a method of separating H and O in water with the least possible energy that is much less than the energy you will get when the separated H and O are burned back to water. I believed this was done already by some inventors.

The problem is, they don't want to share this technology maybe for secrecy, greed or whatever reason we don't know.

Don't forget guys, our climate change problem today is caused by burning fossil fuel. All of our modern technologies using electricity (computers, cell phones, cars, etc) are powered by fossil fuel. We are now at a critical stage towards self destruction if we cannot replace or reduce fossil fuel consumption.

I believe that alternative is water. Let's strive to keep our planet for the future generations. There are already thousands of car owners in USA able to increase their mileage by 25 100%, that means reduced fossil fuel use and money savings.

Let's do it.

Posted by Pratreno Bodgalnar  in  Timbukto  on  Tue Jan 05, 2010  at  10:11 PM
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