Watch out for fake pig ears

Pig ears are a popular snack in China. So unscrupulous food sellers have figured out a way to make fake pig ears out of gelatin. Given that the real pig ears aren't expensive to begin with, what's being put into the fake ones is dirt cheap and potentially harmful, consumers are being warned. See below for advice about how to know if you've been served a fake pig ear.

Fake stewed pig ears pose health risks

Some stewed pig ears have been made from chemicals that could cause blood and heart problems in East China, sounding a fresh alarm on food safety. The popular Chinese snacks sold at a market in Ganzhou, the second-largest city in Jiangxi province, were made from gelatin and sodium oleate, the food safety office under the Jiangxi provincial health department said on Tuesday...
According to Yang Fan, a researcher at the Green Beagle, an environmental protection non-governmental organization based in Beijing, there are ways to distinguish fake ears from real ones. Hair and capillaries usually can be seen on real pig ears, while fake ones do not have hair or capillaries, Yang said.


Posted on Tue May 22, 2012


I've been struggling a lot recently over an attempt to underhandedly take-over a non-profit corporation I'm in, feeling sorry for myself, but, wow, I sure am blessed by living in America rather than China. Last night I made me a nice batch of homemade chili, and I feel great.
Posted by hoaxinghal  on  Wed May 23, 2012  at  02:28 AM
I remember working at a factory in China in the 90s and they were serving pig's ear in the cafeteria. Believe it or not it was the most appetizing looking side dish there. Now that's not an endorsement for pig's ear. It's just that the other stuff looked even worse. I thought I would be forced to survive on plain rice and soy sauce for two weeks. Luckily they came out with some semi-edible stuff on other days.
Posted by Captain Al  on  Wed May 23, 2012  at  04:47 PM
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