Was Palin Playin’ Along Or Not?

This is getting a lot of play right now. Les Justiciers Masques ("The Masked Avengers"), two Canadian radio personalities known for placing prank calls to world leaders, have struck again. This time they pretended to be President Sarkozy of France and managed to get through to Alaska governor Sarah Palin. For more than six minutes, "Sarkozy" engaged Palin in conversation about hunting from a helicopter and "Nailin' Paylen," the porn movie starring a buxom Palin lookalike, among other topics.

At the end of the call, they reveal that it's all a prank. Palin doesn't seem angry or shocked by that so the question is, did she know she was being put-on and just played along or did she think that it would be better not to get mad about the joke?

You can hear the call for yourself here.

Posted on Sun Nov 02, 2008


It's a no-win situation.

If she didn't grok the fake accent, she's incredibly stupid. (I mean, honestly, it's a really bad fake accent.)

If she did "get it" and played along for 6 minutes, knowing she was probably being taped and it was two days before election day, well, that seems kinda stupid, too.

On the gripping hand, she knows this will be forgotten by 2012, which is where her attention lies.
Posted by Tommy  on  Sun Nov 02, 2008  at  09:31 AM
I'm as confused as you two. She definitely gives the impression as she is speaking with them that she is in on the joke and just joking around back. Not to mention that's it's pretty clear after the first minute or so that it's a hoax and Sarah Palin may not be particularly worldly, but she's never striked me as a complete idiot.

Then again, she also lets it continue for awhile, which is a really stupid thing to do when running a campaign. Plus, if she was just playing along, I would expect her to admit to it at the end to avoid looking like she was fooled.

In the end, I have no idea what to make of this.
Posted by Razela  in  Chicago, IL  on  Sun Nov 02, 2008  at  11:58 AM
Actually, on further thought, I have a new theory. She believed it was real, but it seems like Sarkozy was joking with her so she joked back. She may not be stupid, but she can be naive. She sounds like she knows something is going on, but not quite what so she plays along hoping it will all make sense later.
Posted by Razela  in  Chicago, IL  on  Sun Nov 02, 2008  at  12:01 PM
As much as I'm not a fan of Gov. Palin, I think it's one of those moments where you are overwhelmed and neverous. If she was actually speaking to Sarkosy, she was probably just trying to be upbeat and positive. I've met people in public situations and just sort of play the "nod and agree" game with them to just be polite and not cause a row. I'm sure she thought this was a big deal and was just trying to make a connection. It's unfortunate she didn't catch on to his "outrageous accent" but then again who knows. But really it's her handlers fault. They should have checked this throughly and given her talking points. It mostly sounded like she was woefully unprepared to talk to a foreign leader. Not that that's news.
Posted by Ropey Rumpus  in  HugeSA  on  Sun Nov 02, 2008  at  01:08 PM
After listening to the whole recording, I don't find any evidence that Palin knew it was a gag until quite late in the conversation. In a sense, though she was "playin' along" just as she does in every unscripted encounter-- I mean she was, as usual, way out of her depth and, rather than admit this, tried to fake it.

"It mostly sounded like she was woefully unprepared to talk to a foreign leader."
Well said, Ropey Rumpus.

Doesn't it also strike y'all as odd that neither Palin nor her phone-answerer thought there was anything odd about the President of France calling up Palin on her cell phone out of the blue, just to chat?
Posted by Big Gary  in  Telephone, Texas  on  Sun Nov 02, 2008  at  05:10 PM
Palin did not know it was a joke. she is stupid, and the joke call shows how stupid she is. She even said she hopes to be president in 8 years. What a dumb dumb woman, exposed by a funny prank.
No, she knew nothing. But of course, once exposed, her PR people say she thought it funny. No way, she is WAY embarrassed, if such a dumb person can ever be embarrassed. I hate to say it, but i think SP has some kind of personality disorder. really. Most alaskans know this.
Posted by Alaska Slim  in  Juneau  on  Sun Nov 02, 2008  at  08:09 PM
Allo, Allo?
This does it. This is the last straw. If there were still a scintilla of a possibility that Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice-President or, should the need arise, President of the United States, it
Posted by Laruei Frenclich  on  Sun Nov 02, 2008  at  08:25 PM
Yay, something other than Tinyurl. Thanks CMG smile

As for whether or not she know it was a prank call doesn't seem all that important to me. It might be a bad idea to keep going after realising it was fake, then again if she stopped the call she might well be accused of not having a sense of humour.
In the end it isn't important. For the last few months its been fairly obvious to me that McCain is trying to throw the election anyway. Hell he's doing such a good job that the senator for Arizona looks like he might even lose his home state.
Posted by Sharruma  in  capable of finishing a coherent  on  Sun Nov 02, 2008  at  09:05 PM
She was pranked. She didn't get it until they told her, and that's when she handed the phone back to her assistant.

If she was playing along, why would she have ended that way?

In her defense (not a position I'm comfortable with), the really outrageous things the guy said (like that his wife is really hot in bed) are the king of thing you don't expect to hear, so it's easy to miss them. And she was pretty quick to realize it was a radio show (once they told her it was prank).
Posted by JoeDaJuggler  in  St. Louis, MO  on  Sun Nov 02, 2008  at  10:19 PM
You all are failing to mention she was dumb enough not to even get off the phone when she was told it was a prank. She kept trying to talk to them, and if you listen it sounds more like one of the handlers McCain put on her takes the phone away because she trails off and yo ucan still hear her in the back ground.
Posted by Tim  on  Mon Nov 03, 2008  at  08:22 PM
She probably wasn't even paying attention or really listening. Thank heavens she is not going to represent the United States. I would feel sorry for those in Alaska who dislike her. Hopefully she'll crawl back there and fade away.
Posted by Charles  in  Michigan  on  Wed Nov 05, 2008  at  07:54 AM
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