Was John Travolta replaced by a double in 1991?

According to this theory John Travolta died in 1991 and was replaced by a look-alike, German singer Roy Black.

John Travolta (left) -- Roy Black (right)

The corollary to this theory would be that Roy Black didn't die of heart failure in 1991, but actually survived and, for some inexplicable reason, took over Travolta's career. The theory doesn't explain how Travolta died.

This is a very minor conspiracy theory. I'm guessing it was inspired by someone noticing that Roy Black and John Travolta look somewhat similar. But it made me curious about how many celebrities have supposedly been replaced by doubles. Paul McCartney is the most famous one — replaced by the Edinburgh orphan William Campbell. And in the old hoax forum there's the thread about Lisa Marie Presley having been replaced by a Swedish woman, Lisa Johansen (so Johansen claims).

I couldn't think of any other cases of replaced celebrities. Then I found the site 60if, devoted to the Paul-is-Dead theory. It has a forum thread entirely devoted to celebrity replacement theories. (Maybe the possible source of the Travolta/Black theory.) According to these guys, just about every celebrity you can think of has been replaced by a double. And even many historical figures (George Washington, Einstein, etc.). We're living in a world of doubles!

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Posted on Wed May 23, 2012


I think my big question is why would it be important?

I mean, some guy dies young and is replaced by someone who looks, acts, smells and so on exactly like them. The only one really losing out is the double who's work is now credited to the original artist

Not that the doubled doesn't get something out of it too, the original's fortune for example.
Posted by Sharruma  on  Wed May 23, 2012  at  11:42 AM
Yeah, see, that's what always gets me is WHY would such a switch take place. Oh, sure, such conspiracies have a host of reasons, up to and including reptile men, but it still seems incredibly high risk/low reward.

I guess a simpler way would be to say 'What is the switch acoomplishing that the original would not?'
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Wed May 23, 2012  at  02:12 PM
Did anyone else think of Bubba Ho-Tep?
Posted by Mark  on  Wed May 23, 2012  at  04:41 PM
A world of doubles? So there are really only 3.5 billion people in the world?
Posted by Tah  on  Wed May 23, 2012  at  10:08 PM
Yeah, well, sometimes I feel like I am not really me either.... ;-p
Posted by LaMa  on  Thu May 24, 2012  at  01:11 AM
So then someday we legitimately COULD end up with a President Schwarzenegger, as the double who took over for the real Arnold was actually born in America?
Posted by hoaxinghal  on  Thu May 24, 2012  at  06:14 PM
Hello Muddah.....Hello Faddah....Here I am...In Camp Grenada....
Posted by jka12002  on  Tue May 29, 2012  at  08:21 PM
I am highly sceptical about look-alike stories just because there are too many of them. In this case I can tell that the man calling himself “John Travolta” today is NOT Roy Black. This because the distances between the features of their faces don't match. I call this trait the shape of face and I am convinced it is genetically determined. It stops to change at approximately the age of 27. Even before this happen the chages are so regular the end result can be predicted at the age of five. Since this trait matches between the old and the new photo they could well depict the same person. I consider them to be so until anything else has been credibly shown.
Posted by Lena Synnerholm  on  Wed May 15, 2013  at  11:57 AM
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