Wanted: Serial Fake Student Gary Stearley

From First Coast News:

Notre Dame law students were sent an e-mail from Notre Dame officials on Friday stating a person identifying himself as Gary Stearley is posing as a law student and is not actually enrolled at the university... Gary Stearley has been involved in fake identity scams before and Notre Dame police suspect this is the same person...

Stearley was arrested back in 2001 in Jacksonville, Florida for impersonating a physician's assistant, as well as trespassing and stealing at several hospitals. Stearley also been spotted before in Pittsburgh, Seattle, Virginia, Georgia, Texas and Washington, D.C. Allan Klein and Justin Baker lived with Stearley and say he left the home Sunday morning with his laptop and a few belongings. The roommates say they are shocked and had no idea that Stearley was hiding something. Stearley had been living with them for about two months. He told them he'd graduated from the University of Michigan and had been accepted to Notre Dame Law School. "There must be thousands of dollars worth of Notre Dame textbooks, in his room, like it's almost like he believed that he was a student," said Baker.


Posted on Mon Nov 02, 2009


......Big Gary?......
Posted by Canadarm  in  Toronto  on  Tue Nov 03, 2009  at  06:40 PM
Thousands of dollars worth of textbooks...what a fool. Hasn't he heard of chegg.com?
Posted by id10tontheblock  in  Philly  on  Mon Sep 06, 2010  at  02:10 PM
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