Voyage of Hollow Earth Discovery

hollow earthIn 1818 John Cleves Symmes, Jr. issued a pamphlet declaring his intention to travel to the Arctic in order to find the polar hole that would lead down into the hollow earth. He urged his fellow countrymen to join him on his quest. He had quite a few takers, but somehow funding for the voyage never materialized. But if you're bummed that you were born too late to join Symmes on his fanciful voyage, never fear. Because now a new, modern-day hollow earther has issued another call to arms. Steve Currey, of Steve Currey's Expedition Company, has announced that he will be chartering a Russian nuclear icebreaker and sailing up north with it to determine, once and for all, if the earth is hollow. He sets sail June 26, 2005. For the very reasonable price of $18,950 you can be with him on that boat!


Posted on Mon Jan 19, 2004


I think they're leaving in 2006, actually.

Voyage to Our Hollow Earth
June 26 - July 19, 2006
$18,950 to $20,950
Deposit Require
Posted by B  on  Fri Jul 22, 2005  at  07:20 AM
Hey I'm India and was interested in going for this trip.i contacted this guy steve after that he never responded , may be the trip is cancelled
Posted by Princeton  in  India  on  Sun Oct 16, 2005  at  10:57 PM
Funny, I heard about a trip to the North Pole on NPR this morning. I wonder if they are related.
Neil 20002
Posted by Lounge Lizard  in  El Paso, Tx  on  Fri Jul 21, 2006  at  02:53 PM
Hi The Hollow earth voyage organiser Steve Curry Passed away last month due to brain cancer,
Posted by Princeton  on  Wed Sep 13, 2006  at  12:59 AM
LOL I had so much fun with this site when I first found it back in 06. I got the manager to pass the info to our store owner (he thinks him self a big game hunter :p ) It took him a bit to finaly figure it was fake! Anyway thought I would update ya on the new Voyage leader Dr. Brooks Agnew. There new site is broke but they now have a e-store and are starting a new team! LOL
Posted by Kilroy  in  Don't look in here!  on  Thu Sep 20, 2007  at  12:58 AM
there is a new expedition going!!
Posted by expl99  on  Sat Sep 22, 2007  at  10:32 PM
I am a mechanical engineer from chapman USA,
I am 58 and strong and healthy , I belive Hollow Earth and since 03 have been looking to get a chance to go to this trip , I have travoled to Africa and saw 13 contries of west part of Africa.
I have been all over Europe and Asia.
I really am willing to take the risk to go to hollow earth, it is my only dream.
Posted by Fred Eftek  in  Iran  on  Sun Apr 10, 2011  at  09:35 PM
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