Virgin Mary Sandwich

image The auction of a ten-year-old grilled cheese sandwich bearing the image of the Virgin Mary has been pulled from eBay. The sandwich was put up for sale by Diana Duyser who claims that in the ten years since she made the sandwich and took one bite out of it (before noticing the face of the Virgin), it has miraculously never grown any mold. eBay pulled the auction because it claims that it doesn't allow joke listings (that's news to me). Looking at the sandwich, I can definitely see a face, but it doesn't look like the Virgin Mary. To me it looks more like a movie star from the 30s or 40s. Myrna Loy, perhaps. She should have said it was haunted. Would have been no problems then, because eBay definitely allows haunted stuff.
Update: Here's another virgin mary sandwich on eBay.
Update 2: And here's the original Virgin Mary Sandwich, back up for sale. Most of the bidding must still be a hoax, because who's really going to pay $69,000 for an old cheese sandwich?

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Posted on Tue Nov 16, 2004


I also have an image that was naturally formed on my patio door. It's been formed by condensation and possibly mildew, layered in brtween two sheets of thermal glass. Real, naturally formed! Looks like Jesus holding a baby.
Posted by laurie  in  canada  on  Mon Aug 23, 2010  at  01:10 PM
What a crock of effervescent BS ! It's nothing but another typical moneygrubbing ploy by romanists, and anyone buying it needs their head examnined.
No Nonsense
Posted by no nonsense  in  Canada  on  Tue Nov 02, 2010  at  06:33 AM
#1 The virgin Mary lived some 2000 years ago so how could anyone know what she looked like?
#2 Why would anyone want to sell what is apparently an omen of good fortune?
#3 What kind of (insert insulting term here) would want to buy a 10 year cheese sandwich?

Having said that it does look how Mary is usually portrayed in art,and perhaps Ms Duyser wanted others to share in her good fortune.
Posted by Dave M  in  Australia  on  Tue Feb 22, 2011  at  01:36 AM
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