Virgin Mary Pretzel

image The latest 'spawn-of-Virgin-Mary-Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich' on eBay is the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus Pretzel. This is a pretzel that may, if you're of the right frame of mind, look kind of like a Picasso-style rendition of the Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus. According to the description: "This totally unique and spiritual item was found by a 12 year old girl.  She was eating "Rold Gold" Honey Mustard flavored tiny twist pretzels, when she noticed the Virgin Mother holding Baby Jesus.  We all had a feeling of warmth and spirituality when holding the pretzel." The salty pretzel has been receiving news coverage, and bidding on it has already passed $1,000 with three days to go.

eBay Food Religion

Posted on Sun Mar 06, 2005


sandwiches, pretzels, and now i just fond a "virgin mary peanut" on ebay... seems miracles occur with food more often, these days... haha
Posted by tomone  on  Sun Feb 24, 2008  at  07:52 AM
EBay pulled the auction.However 30 more have popped up.
Posted by lynn  on  Sun Feb 24, 2008  at  10:34 PM
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