Michael Vick Isn’t Gay

image A link to this story alleging that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has declared himself gay has been spreading around via email. Of course, it isn't true. After all, it's a Global Associated News story (Global Associated News being a website that allows you to create your own fake news stories). But it looks real enough to have been convincing quite a few people.
Outsports.com reports that they've been receiving many inquiries about it.

Update (May 7, 2004): As this rumor has continued to spread via the internet, Michael Vick felt compelled to call into a radio show in an effort to end the gossip.

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Posted on Tue Apr 27, 2004


Dear Heavenly Father,
Please forgive Michael Vick for any sin that he has done. Let his sentence if any be light and let him be able to play football again with a good league and team. Give him strenth to get threw all the trails that is upon him and let your spirit surrounding him at this time so he will know that you love him and will forgive him if he ask for your forgiveness and mean it within his heart. We know that you, heavenly father is a good God and there is nothing that you cannot do if we ask in the name of your son Jesus. In the name of Jesus, help Michael and set him free, deliver him from all harm and danger and watch over him. This I pray in the name of Jesus, the beginning and the end.
Posted by Beatrice  on  Fri Aug 24, 2007  at  01:18 AM
Michael Vick is a nice person. Although I do not know him on a personal level I do believe for a man to admit he is wrong is good enough for me. How many Congress men and women committ cimes each day and never confess. I just hate that his friends told him out including his own father. What a slap in the face. I feel sorry for the dogs but to destroy a man's life. COME ON PEOPLE. We do not need to act so HOLY NOw considering the years of slavery and continued slavery in the US. Let the man live and take care of his family. Forgive him and move on. FOr ALL you LADIES out thier stop being a GOLD DIGGER and WORK.

Peace Mike and you are in my prayers.

Posted by Shonmeka  in  Canton, GA  on  Mon Sep 03, 2007  at  08:17 PM
That boi is not gay dats a big lie. its not write to start a rumor saying some one is gay
Posted by kevin  in  smiths station, alabama  on  Mon Oct 08, 2007  at  08:06 AM
I am a 27 year old african american female who stand behind Michael Vick in every freakin way we all make mistakes nobody is perfect. I bet if it were someone who does not have the status Mic has it would not even get airplay.Michael is a star athlete and instead of building our nation we tear each other down we delight in our own people downfall has any of the jackasses out there scrutinised one word in the speech Martin Luther gave I think not i think that too many americans are uneducated and have nothing to do but to watch, wait, sleep, on another persons failure i love michael as a brotheri have faith he will bounce back and when you do surround yourself with positive people and most of all God. This is just a simple sista saying her peace
Posted by Tajae  in  Florida  on  Tue Oct 09, 2007  at  08:23 PM
Do you know nearly 1/2 of all black people in the u.s. have genital herpes (essence magazine)????? Believe it's out there and a skin infection, not a disease, that is often undetected. I don't know if the man has it or not, but if he does, he's no different than the rest of the people with it that don't tell their partners. You never know!
Posted by serita washington  in  dallas, texas  on  Fri Jan 18, 2008  at  09:27 PM
Michael Vick is a sick perverted human being. he makes all of the rest of us who own pitbulls get put under the spotlight and under pressure to put our dogs down or muzzle them or stupid things like that. And the sick things he did to his own dogs...there's not even words to describe how I feel towards this disgusting individual.
Posted by unknown  in  unknown  on  Sat Feb 02, 2008  at  02:17 PM
Yeh, leave poor vic alone as long as he plays ball everything is fine with me. And if he has herpes that sucks but he's not the only one trust me.
Posted by genital herpes pictures  in  new york usa  on  Mon May 05, 2008  at  12:17 AM
Who cares if he is gay or not, he is one hell of a player.
Posted by Football Player  on  Fri Jun 06, 2008  at  04:23 AM
1st of all Come on yall tha 1'z thatz Faggs (tha 1'z call'n him gay) yall want him 2 be gay so u move to atl and hopely run into him (no homo) and try and get ur chance, and if he's got herpes (which suckz 4 him) itz a gud possibilty he waz gett'n head from a dirty bitch n gave her 2 or 3 grand and told her to stay tha fuck away from him and if tha niggah waz gay beleave he would do any thing to stay in jail but az a matter of fact he waz let out early plus I got gaydar (no homo I luv pussy)and I dnt detect any gayness from him SO STOP CALL'N HIM GAY U FAGGOTS 1 luv (no homo)
Posted by D-Black  in  Murda Cap (gary IN)  on  Thu Apr 02, 2009  at  08:32 PM
Even if he were to be gay, then who really cares, he can still beat anyones ass out on the gridiron any day.
Posted by NFL Jerseys  on  Wed Jul 08, 2009  at  10:48 AM
mike vick do not have herpes or is he gay that girl lied on him...... my boy gave her herpes....and she know that
Posted by long and hard  in  georgia  on  Mon Aug 10, 2009  at  08:42 PM
Yeah, I agree..Being gay does not affect on how ones person play..
Posted by STDnoobs  on  Mon Dec 21, 2009  at  04:49 AM
very successful thanks admin
Posted by Travesti  in  England  on  Thu Mar 11, 2010  at  04:18 PM
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